My Top 5 Date Night Movies

February 11, 2016

While I do enjoy going out and exploring the city deep down I will always be a home-body. And one of my favorite things to do when I'm not really feeling like going out is a movie night! I've come up with a list of my top five favorite date night movies and I've categorized them by genre-ish. And just a heads up I did want to include horror films in this list but I figured since it's the month of Valentine's Day and you really don't want to scare your Valentine while on your date, I decided it was best maybe to keep the guts and gore out this time. Also the movies I listed are  just suggestions and movies I personally feel are really great movies to watch, whether it be by yourself or with your boo. 

Starting things off with a CLASSIC/OLDIES FILM. And when I think of classic films instantly I think of "the Sandlot".This movie in particular came to mind when I first thought of writing this post because it was the movie Anthony and I watched on our first date. It's a super adorable and funny movie about kids who love playing baseball and all the whacky adventures they go through the summer. 

Next up are FAMILY MOVIES.  You can never go wrong with a Disney or Pixar film for a movie date.One of my all time favorites is UP. In my opinion Up is one of the best movies ever and I swear if it doesn't make you cry then you are heartless. You'll laugh, cry, and laugh again. This movie leaves you with a "feel good" feeling and I think those kinds of movies are probably some of the best movies you can watch with a loved one. Another movie I would recommend would be Ratatouille, it's also one of my all time favorites and if you and your boo love food, movies, and movies about food then I would give Ratatouille a watch. 

Third, we have ROMANCE of course, what would Valentine's Day be without a cheesy romance film? Out of all the romance films and love stories out there 10 Things I Hate About You is my number one favorite. It has an original story line and the character development is on point. Throughout the movie you can't help but swoon over how Heath Ledger and Juila Stiles start to fall in love with each other. Also c'mon now, Heath Ledger is serious eye candy *wink* My all time favorite scene is when Heath Ledger (Patrick) sings to Julia Stiles' character, Kat. If that doesn't make your heart melt then I don't know what will. And when Kat finally reads the 10 things she hates about Patrick, I try not to cry every time, and I fail....every. single. time. 
Fourth on our list is a THRILLER/ACTION film. Guardians Of the Galaxy--
A movie with lots of action, an awesome soundtrack, and gives a good laugh, Guardians Of The Galaxy has it all. This movie appeals to everyone and anyone. Even if you and your bae aren't comic book nerds you don't have to know the Guardians of the Galaxy comics to enjoy this movie. Even though this is a more of an action-packed film there's a bit of romance going on for the main character so it pleases all those romantics out there who have that adrenaline junkie significant other who may not be a fan of those hardcore romance films like The Notebook.
Last but not least, a good ol COMEDYThis Is The End is one of mine and my boyfriend's favorite movies to watch together and it never fails to make us laugh. Everyone loves a good laugh and whenever Seth Rogen and James Franco get together it's comedy gold. And there's nothing like a night in, cuddling with your bae, and watching a comedy film that makes you both almost pee your pants. So if Pineapple Express, Neighbors, or Superbad are your type of movies then This Is The End will be right up your alley.
A movie and dinner will never go out of style in my opinion, and what's even better is when you can enjoy that movie and dinner in the comfort of your own home! What are some of your go-to movies when you just want to spend the night in? Also, be sure to check back on the blog for more Valentine's Day posts! 

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