Hidden Gem // Magic Fingers at Palour + Juke

February 25, 2016

Waiting to get my hair blessed by the wonderful Alexx at Parlour and Juke. 

Parlour and Juke is located at 521 8th Avenue South in Downtown Nashville.  
Complimentary Drinks!

The decor at P+J is super unique! Lots of taxidermy pieces mixed with south western inspiration and rock and roll. 

Alexx and I  <3

I don't know if you guys have been able to notice in recent photos lately, but I got my hair done! I've been postponing doing my hair for the longest and I felt it was about time that my hair deserved to be treated. I also wanted to get my hair done before Anthony comes and visits in March, so that was more motivation to get things done soon. The salon I went to is called Parlour and Juke and they're a fairly well-known salon on the interwebs. If you want to check them out you can go to their website or check out their Instagram! I was going in to get my hair dyed and cut and my hair stylist was Alexx. She had THE magical touch. I felt like I could fall asleep as she was washing my hair and massaging my scalp. She was also super down to Earth and the absolute sweetest! You can tell she really wanted to do what was best for your hair and knew exactly what she was doing. I already have another appointment scheduled with her, and if you're in need of a great haircut and or hair coloring then book with Alexx! (She is bae.) 

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