Good Food + Good Friends

February 9, 2016

This past weekend was full of good food and good friends! My friend from the Navy, John, is in town for the next couple of days so we're all trying to make the most of his visit. The first place I went to was in Franklin called Tupelo Honey Cafe. I've been wanting to try out this place since before it even opened back in October. My best friend Eshie and I decided to try it out because we felt we deserved a couple drinks after work. And let me just put this out there for anyone who has a Tupelo Honey Cafe near them: you HAVE to try the P i n e a p p l e T i k i B o m b . It was the best mixed drink I have ever had and it says it's "for two" but I could down ten of those drinks all by myself. Granted they're priced at $23 each, so I probably couldn't afford or think about buying 10 of these drinks, but that's how good they were that if I had the money, or if they were a bit cheaper, that I could drink this drink like water. The other two drinks we got was a mojito and Bloody Mary. Both drinks were extremely good but still doesn't beat the Pineapple Tiki Bomb. If you're in the Franklin area and just want to go out for drinks hit up their bar! They take their drinks seriously and you can definitely taste it. Also if you're in the mood for a sweet treat, their banana pudding was pretty bomb too! The service was alright and I'm sure it would've been a lot better if they weren't so slammed, but no big complaints on my end. 

Crawfish Photo Cred to Jordan A. 
On Sunday we had hot pot! I ordered the winter melon combo with beef and I meant to order two sides of firm tofu but mistakenly ordered fried tofu instead! It was still filling nonetheless. On a side note, my friend Ariel had a funny experience when he went to the bathroom. But before I get into that just keep in mind that the bathroom at this restaurant, for some reason, are super dark and your only source of light are the neon lights around the mirrors. (Kind of like a club, but bathroom setting) So he tells us that when he went to the restroom, he hears crying in the stall, and already if I were him I would've ran out the bathroom. But he came back alive so that's all that matters. And for any of you guys interested in having Hot Pot this place is located off Nolensville Pike at the South Plaza Shopping Center close to Lowes. Their service, for the first two times I went was not all that great, but the other night the waitress we had was very attentive and super nice! They're fairly new and just opened at the beginning of the year so it's understandable for service not to be that great compared to other businesses that have been around for years. If you're in the area and love hot pot or other Chinese dishes I would give this place a go. 
And I know all of these pictures are only of food, but I promise I have friends! I didn't go to all these places alone lol 

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