Favorite Love Songs (Direct Links Included)

February 5, 2016

Love songs. They are a timeless classic and just hit you right in the feels every time. In honor of Valentine's Day coming up I wanted more of this month's posts to be "Love" and Valentine's Day-related, so to start I came up with a playlist of some of my favorite love songs! These songs have a special place in my heart and Just click the title of the songs below and give them a listen. Feel free to share some of your favorite love songs as well! 
Did you ever make a mixtape for your significant other? I remember I made one for the first guy I ever dated and I think I made myself a copy of the same mix, or maybe he never took his copy. I can't remember, BUT I do  remember finding it years after we broke up so I gave it a listen and let's just say this was the time Soulja Boy was really popular and for some odd reason, I don't know how, but the very last song was a Suicide Silence song. And for those who don't know, Suicide Silence is a hardcore, heavy metal band. I don't know how it got on there because I could have sworm that I had Alica Keys + Usher's "My Boo" as the very last track. I mean, just imagine getting that mixtape, first off it's Soulja Boy and then it tones down to old school R&B songs, then BAM, you almost had a heart attack from some random metal song blasting in your ears. But who knows how that track got on there,  maybe the reason why we broke up is because I gave him a terrible mixtape lol.
Anyone else ever received a bad mixtape? 

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