Snowpocalypse // Day Three

January 24, 2016

The sun is out and the snow is slowly starting to melt away. Fortunately for me the sun melted away all the snow that was burying my car. Now, I'm catching up on a lot of cleaning and just doing chores around the house. And with all this free time I've had I've been able to work ahead on a lot of blog posts. I'm almost done with this Harry Potter puzzle. I say it's been an incredibly productive couple of days, now my next biggest challenge is having to drive to work tomorrow, because this girl has very little to no experience driving in the snow so let's hope I don't die. *Knocks on wood* 
Peep these cute Christmas Themed pug socks my friend Ariele gave me 
I'm trying to fight off this small cold before it gets any worse because Lord knows I don't think I could handle another day stuck in the house lol. Also has anyone else heard about this #SnowChallenge trend going on on Instagram? People are pretty much diving into snow with minimal to almost no amounts of clothing. And although it's crazy that people got snow almost up to 6 feet high and are able to actually dive full body into the snow, but c'mon now guys ever heard of pneumonia?! But anywho I hope you guys are enjoying your snow days! Remember to stay warm and also to bring your pets inside! Please do not let them suffer in the cold, they want to snuggle by the fireplace too <3

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