January 22, 2016

Nashville has been blanketed with snow today. This is probably the first time in years that Nashville has seen a snowfall like this. Last year we got snow but then that snow turned into deadly ice and usually when we do get snow it never sticks. But even right now the snow is still falling and frankly I'm sure there is probably about a foot of snow sitting on top of my car right now. It's kind of crazy because about two weeks ago we were enjoying 70 degree weather. 
 When you ask your brother to help you take pictures of yourself and tell him to "take a alot" and this happens. 

 The winter aesthetic is too real right now. And excuse my misplaced eyebrow hairs but check out the snow man lol. It kind of sucks that Nashville pretty much shuts down whenever we get bad weather like this, but then again it's nice to stay home and annoy my little brother. Our backyard is a hill so we used some boxes to sled and it was pretty fun! I've never sledded before; I almost faceplanted in the snow but it was still fun nonetheless. 
I'm kind of scared that it's going to keep snowing to the point that we're all stuck in our houses until the weather gets warmer. Aka the "Snow-pocalypse" is what people have been calling it. So hopefully the snow will lighten up a little bit, although the snow is nice and all, I don't want to go insane from cabin fever haha. Also if you don't have to drive please don't and if you do make sure to be extra careful and to let someone else know where you're going just in case you end up getting stuck. Kitty litter and salt is major key when it comes to driving in snow so if you're able to drive be sure to pick some up while you're out! 
Have a fun snow day everyone but remember to be careful and stay warm!  

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