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January 27, 2016

Today's post is going to be a review on my recent It Cosmetics purchases. The only other product I've tried from It Cosmetics before this was their "Bye Bye Redness" concealer and I totally regret not repurchasing that product when I was at the store because I could seriously just wear that product by it self and it was just cover up any redness I had on my face. But enough about what could've been and more onto what this post is really about. 
The first product I'm going to mention is the It Cosmetics Brush Bath Purifying Brush Cleanser and this retails for $18 at Ulta. I ran out of my Beauty Blender Solid Brush Cleanser a long time ago and I was stalling on buying a new brush cleanser because, I'll be honest, I was just being cheap. But my brushes were in desperate need of being cleaned and I was just browsing the shelves in the store and came across this and thought, "Why not?" 
Here are a couple of the brushes I cleaned with the It Cosmetics Brush Bath and as you can tell these brushes were long overdue for some cleaning. Also if you're curious as to which brushes these are the are all from different brands and I just collected these brushes over time and they have been just my every day brushes until I decide into an actual brush set that I want to try out.
But if you are interested in these specific brushes below are the direct links for where to buy them. And also all of these brushes were and can be purchased at your local Target as well.  
Brushes From Left to Right:
One // Two // Three // Four 
And here is a snapshot of the brushes right after they got their cleaning. And as you can probably see from the photo they aren't completely clean to where they look brand new, but majority of the makeup product in the brush is gone. So what you do with the Brush Bath is just spritz a generous amount of spray onto your brushes, just let the product sit for a bit then wipe clean on a tissue or towel, whichever you prefer. Overall my brushes got fairly clean but the only aspect about this product that I did not like was the scent. I can't really describe the smell, it's very subtle and it's not like a bad smell, but after washing my brushes and letting them dry out, there's still a hint of some kind of scent as I'm applying my makeup with the brushes. I guess I'm not really a big fan of products, aside from perfumes and lotions, that have a scent, but other than the smell the Brush Bath still does a pretty decent job cleaning my brushes. However if I had to compare this to the Beauty Blender Solid Brush Cleanser I would more than likely go for the Solid than the Brush Bath. 
The second product I purchased was one of It Cosmetic's most famous makeup products, the "Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream" in the shade "Light". And this retails for $38 at Ulta and it offers full coverage and also anti-aging properties. What really attracted me to this product was the fact that it offers full coverage but it's not a foundation, which was perfect because I wanted something lightweight and yet still gave a full-coverage effect like a foundation.
 One of the things I liked most about this product was the packaging. I don't know why but I like it when the product has both a pump but also a squeezable tube. I feel like having both those characteristics is a win-win because  I feel being able to squeeze the tube/bottle helps the product be dispensed but by having the pump it helps prevent from dispensing too much product. And overall with the product at first I didn't like it when I first applied it, and that may be because I applied it with the wrong brush, but after giving it a second chance this product really starting to grow on me. Personally I like to use my hands to apply this. The warmth from my hands really helps with a smoother and more blendable application. The product is very buildable and it feels like I have nothing on my face even after applying a second layer. In the end I am glad I finally decided to give this CC cream a try. It's super light weight but still provides the coverage I need, it's no wonder I've been grabbing for this every single morning when I get ready.
Have you guys tried any products from It Cosmetics? What else do you guys recommend? 

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