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December 31, 2015

Hi loves! It is officially the last day of 2015 so for the last post of the year I just wanted to go back in time and reminisce on what I feel were the biggest highlights of 2015. 2015 has become such a blur to me because I feel like it went as soon as it came! The years just seem to go by faster and faster nowadays, but that just makes me want to really appreciate all the good times and to do so I thought why not go back and talk about what I felt were the biggest highlights and some of my favorite moments of 2015 :) 
Sam Smith @ Madison Square Garden 
january 2015
 Starting the year off right by seeing Sam Smith perform at Madison Square Garden! I surprised my boyfriend with tickets to his concert for his birthday. I remember the day I bought the tickets I had the worst yet kind of best luck. I was stuck in terrible traffic the hour before tickets went on sale and I was on my way to campus that morning and I made sure to get there early just so I could make it to school on time, find a parking spot, buy the tickets, and still make it to class on time. But like I said I was in terrible traffic the hour before up until the point to when tickets went on sale! So as soon as I made it to campus I had to rush and buy the tickets, unfortunately I didn't get tickets right next to each other but I managed to get two tickets in rows close to each other. But on the night of the concert I remember being bummed because Anthony (my boyfriend) and I didn't get to actually be together during the concert, but being the badass Anthony is, he said F it and we shared a seat with me anyway. Luckily no one got onto us, since I was basically sitting in his lap throughout the end of the concert heh heh heh. 
My First Tattoo
march 2015
Strangely enough I can't remember how painful it was to get a tattoo. I got this tattoo together with Anthony, although we didn't get matching tattoos, it was a special moment for me to share together with him :)  I am really wanting a new tattoo but I just don't know what I want to get next, I have an idea but I want to be 100% sure of it before I commit. I love the way this first tattoo came out and the colors are just so cute and pretty. I get compliments on it all the time. I remember after Anthony and I were all done we got margaritas and it was just an overall successful day :)

Getting Braces 
april 2015
Growing up I've never had perfect teeth and I've been wanting braces ever since I was 11 years old, but never being able to afford it until 10 years later I grew up very insecure about my teeth. I never really announced prior to this post about getting braces, other than a quick story on Snapchat, but I never really showed them off after that. And even now I'm still somewhat insecure about my teeth even though they look a heck of a lot better than they did before, but getting braces, and getting them on my own, with my own money, was a big accomplishment to me. Even though I look like a 15 year old again, it's already been a year of having a braces and soon enough I'll be getting these babies off in no time.
I remember when I first got them on it was completely terrible. My mouth always hurt, it hurt to eat, and it just hurt to talk. It was even worse because I was taking a speech class and so having to make a speech with freshly put on braces was lisp-central. But now I've gotten used to seeing myself in braces and sometimes I just sit in my room and look at my teeth in the mirror cause I still can't get over that I actually got braces. Although I was kind of embarrassed getting braces at the age of 21, I later on realized, "Who gives a F**k?" because getting braces is something I felt I truly needed and have always wanted and there's nothing wrong with doing something you've always wanted. Also I didn't want to live the rest of my life being self-conscious of whether or not people are staring at my teeth while I'm talking.  I'm not sure how much longer I have to wear my braces but I know it'll all be worth it in the end.

 Coney Island 
june 2015

 The part I loved most about Coney Island was definitely riding the Thunderbolt roller coaster. I remember how Anthony said he was afraid of roller coasters because he was scared that something would go wrong and we somehow end up falling out of our seats as we're upside down, or the roller coaster actually running off the tracks. But ironically after we rode it he wanted to ride it again! 
It was a really hot and humid day but  I had loads of fun :) 

One Year Anniversary At The Beach
june 2015

It's so crazy how much can happen in a year and still being able to have Anthony by my side is a big accomplishment in my life. I don't know if accomplishment is the right term but it seemed like not too long ago we were working together at Forever 21 and getting in trouble with cops for being at the park 2 minutes after it closed lol. 
And spending our one year anniversary at the beach was everything I could've asked for. The sun was out and not a cloud in the sky, which was fortunate because it was supposed to be super cloudy the rest of the week. The water was super chill and not that many seagulls were at this beach. ( I hate birds so the less birds the better lol) 
Aluna George Concert 
october 2015
Aluna Francis is a saint and being able to see her perform in concert was a dream come true. I still regret not saying anything to George when I accidentally ran into him though. The concert was lit and I would definitely want to relive that night over again. 
It was a super crazy drive back from Boston to New York though because it was raining like crazy to the point that you couldn't see the road, well that's what Anthony told me, I was actually asleep throughout the whole drive lol. 
Meeting Doug The Pug
december 2015
I know people thought I was crazy when I literally went to the mall just to meet a dog. But when a famous dog from your home city is having a meet and greet, you go to that meet and greet. Especially when that dog is adorable beyond words like Doug The Pug. 
It kind of sucked at first because I was waiting in the wrong location so I ended up having to wait an hour longer than I originally would have, but it was all still worth it because seeing this cutie in person is almost just as cute as seeing him on his Instagram
My 22nd Birthday
december 2015

It's becoming a tradition, it seems, to shove whipped cream into the birthday person's face. I remember when I went to my friend, Monty's, birthday party there was just whipped cream everywhere and on everyone and now it looks like it's made it's way to me. I really thought my mom was in on the plan because she had two cases of whipped cream in the fridge prior to this day but that wasn't the case, but she still laughed hysterically at my misfortune anyway lol. 
Seeing the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center 
december 2015
 For my birthday this year all I wanted was to go to the city, see the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center and then ice skate. I did two out of the three but it was a very magical moment, regardless of all the people and using Anthony as a human bolder to push through the crowd lol. I didn't get to ice skate because frankly I didn't want to after a while, there were too many people and it was too cold lol. But I had my Home Alone moment and that's all that matters :)

What were some of your favorite moments of 2015? 

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