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September 23, 2015

Hello Gems! If you read my posts on shows I'm currently watching then you'd know that I'm back in the anime scene. So today I'd felt that it'd be interesting to talk about some anime! And as you can probably tell from the title of this post I'm going to mainly talk about my all time favorite animes. Just a little disclaimer out there that I'm not really what you call and "avid" anime watcher, I do enjoy a good anime from time to time but I don't necessarily devote all my time to anime, the reason I say that is because I know there may be some people out there that are going to say that some of the animes I'm going to be talking about are all "mainstream" anime or that I'm not a "real" anime fan because of the animes I watch. But let me just say that I believe mainstream animes are mainstream because they're popular! And the more popular the anime the more likely I'd want to watch it, wouldn't you? Also these ARE animes that I have personally enjoyed watching and they are based off my liking. And I didn't mean to get into a whole little rant, but I just felt I had to get that out first. But now let's get onto the rest of the post!  


My number one favorite anime ever. I have the complete season on DVD and I've probably watched this series over 5 times already. I was first introduced to this anime when it used to come on Adult Swim. The show is about these three characters, Mugen, Jin and Fuu and one fateful day the three crossed paths. After a series of unfortunate events Fuu managed to con Mugen and Jin into escorting her across Japan in search of a samurai who smells of sunflowers. Their journey across Japan gets them nearly killed in each and every way but the show is especially unique because it mixes hip hop  (a lot of Nujabes' tracks are included) and samurai culture together.

I remember just falling in love with Mugen's character. He was everything I ever wanted and wished to be, a total badass that will pick a fight with anyone that pisses him off and always ends up winning. I also love the American voice actor they picked for him (Steve Blum) because he was also the voice actor for Spike from Cowboy Bebop.

The show is both funny and entertaining so I would definitely recommend it to anyone who's never watched anime before or to anyone who just needs something that's unique in it's own way. This show will NOT disappoint you at all, and if it does than I don't know what to say other than either anime isn't your thing or you just have bad taste in anime. (Sorry not sorry, I tried my best)
And to buy the complete series follow this link 


The original magical girl anime. I have been a fan of this series ever since I was 5 years old and I am still in love with it to this day. It's been remade as Sailor Moon Crystal and it's based more off the manga, and although I am a big fan of the manga, I am just not a big fan of the way it was executed in the newer anime. But I will always and still love the original series, I loved Serena's character and just all the characters in general because I felt they just had more personality to them.
If you're not familiar with Sailor Moon, or didn't grow up with it like I did, it's basically an anime classic. A group of girls who can magically transform into these sailor-suited super heroes that fight alien villains in order to save the planet Earth.
You can watch this series on Hulu as well

F L C L (F O O L Y C O O L Y)

Although this anime is only 6 episodes long it's supernatural-ness and overall weird storyline is fairly entertaining and the different art styles throughout the show is what kept me interested. This show is the epitome of "different" (well, nothing compared to Paranoia Agent) but different in a good way. The storyline still makes sense throughout the episodes regardless of all the craziness going on.
The show is about this 12 year old boy named Naota who lives in a town where "nothing ever happens" but that all changes when Haruko runs him over one day with her Vespa bike. From that moment on a lot of strange things happen to Naota like a robot growing out of his forehead. 

The show is about these two girls who happen to both be named Nana, there is the ditsy and girly one, Nana K., and then the rocker and lead singer in the band, Nana O. The two met on the train and somehow ended up living together. The show focuses on how these two completely opposite girls end up being the biggest inspirations to one another while trying to get through all the obstacles life throws at them, from unwanted pregnancies, to band drama.  This isn't your typical Shoujo kind of anime, but it is a really good show if you're looking for an anime with a unique and original storyline.
This anime is particularly special to me because the two main characters remind me of myself and my best friend Eshie. I first started this anime during a time when Eshie and I weren't really on good terms and watching this anime made me realize that you need to learn how to be your own person but even when you know how to be alone there will always be that one true friend out there for you. Although the character that reminded me more of myself (Nana K) was a bit more naiive than I am, you really become attached to the two characters. I also LOVE Vivienne Westwood and I love that this anime includes a lot of her pieces throughout the show.

Honorable Mention:
H I M O U T O! U M A R U - C H A N

I started watching this series as soon as it premiered on Cruchyroll. I kept seeing screencaps of it on tumblr so I decided to give it a go and I immediately fell in love with it. It's a super cute series and always cheers me up when I'm having a bad day. It's just a fun show to watch and although it doesn't necessarily have a "strict" storyline, it's mainly about a girl named Umaru who is the ideal girl outside of home. Umaru is cute, funny, smart, nice, and excels in everything she does! But at home she turns into this little chibi character that likes to play videos games, read manga, and laze around while eating potato chips and drinking cola.

I recommend this show to those who want to watch something that's not too serious and will give you a good laugh or two. Also if you're a fan of the manga Yotsuba&! then this might be your cup of tea as well. 
Anime has always been a part of my life and I believe it is  always going to be and overtime these were just some of the animes that really stuck out to me and that I can just watch over and over again.
What are some of your guy's favorite animes? I'd love to know in the comments down below!
And for all you Hulu subscribers out there fortunately for you guys you guys can watch all these shows on Hulu!  But I'm sure you can watch these series on Crunchyroll as well!

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  1. OMG I loves Samurai Champloo too it's so amazing I can't explain it with the mix of old japan & hip hop & stuff like that! & I also loves Mugen so much haha I thought I was the only one <3



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