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September 4, 2015

Hello and welcome back! Today I am very excited to introduce to you guys a anime and gaming clothing company based out of Orange County, California called The Guild Locker by Creators Guild! I entered one of their contests on their Instagram account and luck was on my side and I won one of their super cute and adorable Limited Edition Kawaii Jerseys
The material of the jersey is made of 100% Polyester and include a cherry blossom design on both the sleeves and inside the lettering. It's also machine washer friendly and can be dried regularly without you having to worry about it shrinking or any of the lettering being ruined. 
It is suuuper duper comfortable to wear when you're just lounging around the house or even when making a quick trip to the store! 
Check out one of the two creator's of Creator's Guild looking super adorable in their Kawaii Jersey <33

I absolutely love this jersey and I literally  can't stop wearing it. (No, seriously I'm even wearing it right now as I write this post lol) 
If this post hasn't convinced you to purchase one of these cute jerseys then I have no idea what else to say other than you're unfortunately missing out on some of the coolest gaming/anime/comic-related apparel out there. However if you ARE interested in purchasing this specific jersey follow this  link! Better hurry though because they're selling out quick and depending on how well they sell at they might be out of stock! 
Also if a kickass jersey isn't enough check out their mousepads
Don't forget to follow them on Instagram and their FaceBook <3
Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored by nor am I affiliated with the company, Creators Guild. All opinions stated in this post are genuine and honest. 

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