Hiddens Gems of Nashville // The Grilled Cheeserie

September 27, 2015

If I were to ever leave Nashville one thing that I'll miss the most, aside from friends and family, is The Grilled Cheeserie. What is The Grilled Cheeserie you ask? It is basically just the most wonderful blessing to Nashville ever (aside from me of course, haha jk) Okay, but seriously, what The Grilled Cheeserie is, is a food truck that serves gourmet grilled cheeses that are seriously out of this world! You may have heard of them from the Food Network Channel when they were featured on Guy Fieri's "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" and "Eat St.," They are exclusively serving in Nashville and surrounding areas and they recently got a second food truck! Also they have a semi-permanent location at the Nashville's Farmers' Market, which is the location I went to today! 
As you can see from the photo above there is always a crowd around patiently waiting to enjoy THE best grilled cheeses out there. And if you've been a reader on my blog for a while you may have heard me mention The Grilled Cheeserie a couple times in the past. I know my boyfriend always always ALWAYS asks to track down the truck whenever he's in town. Speaking of tracking down, because they are a food truck, although they do have a semi-permanent spot at the Farmers' Market, if you're ever having random cravings for one of their delicious grilled cheeses you can just text the word "Cheese" to 88000 and get a text on where they'll be serving that day! Or you can check their website at thegrilledcheeserietruck.com to see where they'll be for the whole week. 
Today I was on a mission to try their "Melt of the Moment" which was the "Pizza Melt." They are only going to serve this for the month of September, and seeing as how September ends in 3 days, I couldn't let the chance pass me by and go on without trying it.
According to The Grilled Cheeserie website the Pizza Melt contains a pizza cheese blend of fontina, provolone and local cheedar, Porter Road Butcher pepperoni, organic San Morzano marinara, basil gremolata served on an Italian Herb bread. I got my pizza melt with a side of their tater tots, which they also paired with their own special "tot sauce." The Pizza Melt was basically like eating a pizza in sandwich form. This sandwich was basically the offspring if Five Points Pizza and The Grilled Cheeserie had baby. 
And here is a derpy picture of me preparing myself to indulge in my pizza melt. Overall it was not disappointing (of course) but comparing it to my usual and also all-time favorite, the Pimento Mac & Cheese, I would definitely still choose the Pimento over the Pizza Melt. However if I wanted to switch things up I would definitely order the Pizza Melt again, so it is a bit saddening that it's only available for the month of September. But who knows, maybe it'll make a comeback in future months to come! 
Also another good thing about The Grilled Cheeserie is that THEY CATER. 
Just go their website and click on the "Cater" link and request the food truck today! 
If you're new to Nashville, or just passing by for a couple days, I would shake my head so hard at you if you did not try one of their grilled cheeses. And if you don't know what to try, just try all of them because I'm sure you won't regret it! It will be worth the food coma that you'll have later on. 


  1. Hey Kat,
    First of all this is my first time reading your blog and i already know i will love any more blogs that you post.
    Second of all you are so beautiful! <3
    And third of all I will most definitely visit The Grilled Cheeserie if I'm ever in Tennessee, it looks like an amazing place to eat at.

    XO, Sarai Sending lots of love from Texas.
    If you have time and wish to check out my blog i will gladly appreciate it.<3

    1. OMG, you are the sweetest! I'll be sure to not disappoint you with future posts ^__^ <33


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