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September 6, 2015

Hi, Gems! Today I am going to be comparing two well-known cleansing oils, the Tatcha Pure Step One Camellia Cleansing Oil and the Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil. I recently got the travel sized Josie Maran kit, and the main reason why I went for the travel size kit is because I didn't want to fully commit to the products without trying the products out first. Also way before I purchased the Tatcha Cleansing Oil I was originally looking to buy the Josie Maran Cleansing Oil because I've been hearing a lot of people rave about how well it works. However the Sephora I went to was sold out of the Josie Maran Cleansing Oil so the associate helping me recommended that I get the Tatcha one instead. She seriously sold me on it and it has been my holy grail makeup removing cleanser ever since. You can read all about me dying over this product in my February Favorites post. 
But for today's post I thought it'd be interesting to see how the two cleansing oils compared to one another. 
Price: $48 USD
Fluid Ounces: 5.1 oz. 
The reason I claim this as one of my holy grail beauty items is because the formula is super thin and easy to massage into the skin, yet still does a very effective job of getting rid of a full face of makeup in one go. The smell is very subtle to almost no scent at all, so if you're not really into products with much perfumes in it then this is highly recommended. It is a bit on the pricier side, retailing at $48 at Sephora but I say it's worth every single penny because it removes all of your makeup quick and easy in one simple step without stripping your skin of moisture. I have pretty dry skin so products that dry out my skin even more is a big problem for me. This product does claim to include vitamins A, B and E along with oleic and linoleic acids to help moisturize the skin and after using this for a couple months I did notice my skin feeling a lot softer and looking a bit less "dry-patchy" after using this but it wasn't necessarily a miracle worker for my overly dehydrated skin. 

Price (Full Sized) : $32 USD
Fluid Ounces: 6 oz. 
What I like about this cleansing oil is that it contains argan oil which is known for it's moisturizing properties, and for myself, having dry skin this was an added bonus. The main con to this product is that it really is a hit and miss some nights. I remember the first time I ever tried this the formula was just so thick that I basically felt like I was putting honey on my face instead of an oil. I had the most difficult time working this into my skin and I felt like my skin was just being tugged and pulled at the whole time. However the second and third time I tried this I didn't have that problem, the formula was super sleek and smooth and removed all my makeup completely fuss-free! 
After about two weeks of using this I was starting to feel guilty because I was starting to think that I might actually like this cleansing oil better than the Tatcha one. It might be placebo but although the formula is a bad thicker than the Tatcha, I felt my skin looked a lot cleaner after using this than when I would use the Tatcha one. But I've concluded that because the oil does contain Argan oil that the reason why my skin probably looked a lot better was because it was also being more moisturized as I removed my makeup. Like I said earlier though, this product was a hit and miss some nights, although I have been using this for almost two months now there was that occasional night where the oil just clogged up and became "honey-like" again as it did when I first used the product. 

Ultimately the Tatcha cleansing oil is still my number one go-to makeup removing product. The formula isn't thick and I don't feel as if I'm tugging at my skin when I'm working the product into my skin. Although a bit more pricey for less product, I feel it's still worth it overall. However if the Tatcha cleansing oil were to ever be discontinued for whatever reason *knock on wood* then I would definitely turn to the Josie Maran as my first choice of an alternative. 

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