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August 17, 2015

Hello everyone! I hope you're all doing well, and if you haven't already noticed the final touches on the new template are being made. I really am in love with the new look of the blog and for some reason has inspired and motivated me to take this blogging thing a little more seriously. Not saying I didn't take it seriously beforehand, but now I feel somewhat more official. I hope to invest in a better lens for my camera next because I feel my photos have been a little lackluster so I am currently researching into different kinds of lens and different camera body models. 
Anyway, for today's post, inspired by the new template, I thought I'd discuss more along the lines of different blogging templates, how to look into finding the best template for your blog, pricing, personal customization, and so on. 

Where To Find Blogging Templates
First things first is finding and or researching into finding the right template. How I came upon finding my template was through going to other blogger's blogs and seeing where they got their template from. Usually there's a given credit in the footer of the page that sources back to the origin of the template. 
I did Google search blogging templates but some of the results I found seemed kind of sketchy and I wouldn't want to recommend you guys to any sites that weren't legit or trustworthy. 

Template Pricing + Personal Customization
Also a key point to make note of it that a good template usually don't come cheap. Most templates are an investment and it's important to do your research on what kind of template you'd want and where you're potentially going to be obtaining your template from. However when you find the ideal template you'll find that the investment is very much worth it. 

I found templates as cheap as $10 USD to as high as $75. So there are various prices to templates and it really is up to the buyer/blogger whether or not that want to splurge on a template or not. Most templates are customizable, on the flip side though, I have noticed that the more pricier templates are less limiting and give you more possibilities of making it more personal to you. However that does not mean that the cheaper templates aren't a good buy as well, if you're good at html coding you can get away with taking a dull and bland template and turning it into something more. 
If you're having second thoughts about investing into a template or don't want to splurge $50+ dollars on a template you may not like in the end, I would suggest just playing around with the default templates offered by platform you're using. Or start off with the cheaper templates and mess around with those, it really is up to the blogger. 

Recommended Template Sites

(Blogspot + Wordpress)
Pipdig is where I purchased my template (Aruba Nights). Phil and the gang are all super patient with their customers and really work with what you want. They respond to you very quickly and offer very simple yet beautiful templates that work for every kind of blogger. 
Also I would like to mention that when purchasing a template from Pipdig you do have to provide your log in information in order for them to install the theme. They do provide the option of self-installing it, however I tried and it was just all too confusing and frustrating for me that I just asked Phil to do it for me haha. Also when providing your log in information PLEASE make sure all the information is correct because they will not try to log into your account a second time. And if you are uncomfortable with providing your log in information but can't seem to figure out how to install the theme yourself, simply just change your log in information soon after they have installed your theme. 
Price Range: $50 USD + Additional Charges For Extra Features

 (Blogspot + Wordpress)
Kotryna makes absolutely stunning templates and I was really torn between whether or not to get one of her templates or the one from Pipdig. Other bloggers like Sammi (Beauty Crush) use her templates so they are legit and trustworthy. 
Price Range: ~$30 USD

Andy Mae Studios  
(Blogspot Only)
If you're on the fence on splurging on a template I found some cheap, yet still simple and cute templates on Etsy! TheCharleyGirl is currently using one of her templates and so I definitely recommend trying out one of their templates for those who want a more "professional" and put-together looking blog but for more than half the cost! 
Price Range: $10 USD

(Wordpress Only)
Stumbled upon this template site on Milk Bubble Tea's Page. Sadly they only offer Wordpress templates, but these are super cute and girly templates for any of you Wordpress users out there!
Price Range: $50

A template will make or break your blog that's why I feel investing in a good template is worth it if you're serious about blogging. It is both aesthetically pleasing to you and your readers. Ever since I installed the new template I've been in love with it and it's really motivated me to be more serious with my blog and do more with my blog! 
So I hope you guys found this post really helpful and informative and that you guys find a template you guys like! 

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