How To Get The "Disclosure" Face (Without Photoshop)

August 18, 2015

Hi, gems! If you are keeping up with me via Instagram you probably saw me post this picture of me with an edit of the Disclosure face and so I thought it'd be a pretty fun idea to make a post about how I edited the picture and how you Disclosure fans out there can get the "Disclosure Face" too. The best part is you don't need Photoshop! All you need in an internet connection and the ability to copy and paste :)

First off if you're just looking for a quick edit you can actually go to the Disclosure Facebook page and go to the "Face App" they have on their page! However, you have to have a Facebook account (which I don't) to access the app and the picture you use has to be a straightforward head shot. The picture I used had my head at a slight tilt and the app doesn't give you the option to rotate the sticker around or anything. So that's the only downside of the Facebook app, but it's one of the quickest ways to edit your photo! 
Now how I edited the photo was a bit more complex. First I chose the picture I wanted to use then I Googled "Disclosure Face." The first picture result should be a transparent picture, and having a transparent one is key for this. If you can't find a transparent one here is the link to the photo I used or you can save one of the non-transparent pics, go to LunaPic upload the Disclosure face and click on the area that you would like to be transparent and then save. 
After choosing the photo you want to use and finding/making a transparent "Disclosure Face" go to PicMonkey.Com and upload your photo. 
Click on the Butterfly Icon (Stickers) and click on "Your Own." 

Choose the Transparent Disclosure Photo and add to photo, adjust the Disclosure Face onto yours with the rotation "nob" found at the top of the sticker. You can also flip the sticker with the arrow buttons found in the grey box. 

 After adjusting the sticker onto your photo, voila! You are now the newest member of Disclosure. 

And if you're curious as to how I got the color effect, I used this app on my phone called "Potato Cam." It's free in the App Store but I'm not sure if it's available to Android users. 

The filter I used is called Desiree and you can adjust the intensity to your liking :)

I hope this post was helpful and I'd love to see the pictures you guys you make with these tips(? if you can call them tips). Be sure to tag me on Instagram @Katsangfr0id or use the hashtag #KatSangfroid so I can see them :) 
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  1. This is a really cool feature for pictures! It's def a way to add some life to photos, thanks for this!

    Jena Brown

  2. can't find potato cam,, but i really want to have that filter.. can you help?
    anyway you're so beautiful ..

    1. Hi! You can also use Aillis (the old Line Photo Editor App) and they have a filter called "Broken" that does the same effect! :)


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