Traveling Tips And Tricks + What's In My Carry On | Summer 2015

July 5, 2015

Hello lovely Gems! I am back with a travel-related post because as you all may or may not know I  recently took a trip to New York. While packing for the trip I thought it'd be a fun idea to make a post about how I pack my bags and what I pack in my bags, along with a few travel tips and tricks! 

Tip #1 : Make Use Of Every Single Portion of Space

I like fitting in smaller and flatter items between the bars at the bottom of the suitcase. It really comes in handy when you're packing sandals and camis. 

Tip #2 : Fold AND Roll Your Clothes

A lot of other bloggers and articles that I've seen in relation to traveling tips go for the rolling or the folding bit, there's never an in between. However I find using a combination of both methods works ideally! I use the folding method for thinner pieces like chiffon blouses or cotton t-shirts and then the folding method for thicker pieces like my maxi dresses. I like using both methods because when I would try to use the rolling method with my thicker pieces they would just make the item a lot bulkier and thus leading to less room for all my other clothes. 

Tip #3 Edge Up Your Pieces
What I mean by "edging up" your pieces is by lining up the edges of your clothes along the edges of the suitcase. If you look at the picture I have above you'll notice that I have the shorts on the right overlapping each other in opposite ways (the top of each pair of shorts is lined along the edge). I like doing this to my clothes because it prevents my bag from looking extra bulky. 
Tip #4 : Pack Versatility Pieces
Sticking to a neutral palette for your wardrobe is the easiest way to make sure you don't over or under pack. Also by packing versatile pieces that you can both dress up and dress down you can create multiple outfits with less amounts of clothes. Especially for summer time I like packing maxi and midi dresses because they're easy to style, it's a whole outfit in itself,  and are extremely hassle-free.

Tip #5: Don't Pack Anything You're Not Going to Use Throughout Your Trip
Okay this may sound like common sense, BUT that novel your reading? That uncomfortable travel pillow you just spent $20 on? Are you really going to be using those on your vacation to Hawaii? If the answer is "No" then why pack it? One of the biggest concerns about taking a trip somewhere, aside from missing your flight or forgetting something, is not having enough space. I feel that the reason most people don't have enough space when packing is that they pack things they won't use throughout the trips. I see people packing books and travel pillows onto flights only to conclude that they're not going to use that travel pillow or even read that book all throughout their vacation. To avoid this I never pack anything I know I won't use. If I want to read on the plane I download the eBook version onto my phone and most airlines provide pillows during the flight so instead of investing in a travel pillow save your money and just ask a flight attendant for a couple pillows.

What's In My Carry-On

1. Cell Phone W/ Card Holding Case
2. Debit Card
3. Photo ID
4. External Battery Pack
5. Sonia Kashuk Beauty Organizer
6. Fuji Film Instax Mini 7 Camera + Packs of Film
7. Headphones
8. Mini Hand Sanitizer
9. Mini Eye Drops
10. Toiletry Clutch
11. Travel Size Hair Straightener
12. Sunglasses

These are all the essential items that I always pack for a trip anywhere. And the Sonia Kashuk beauty organizer has become a real life saver by keeping all my beauty items all in one place!

What's in your guy's carry ons? I hope it was helpful and insightful and hopefully it helped you think of some of your own packing tips and ideas. Be sure to let me know what tip you found most useful down in the comments below!
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