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July 12, 2015

Since Game of Thrones has ended for the time being I needed to find some new shows to watch, I know I have such an exciting life right? And I tried to start Parks and Recreation but it just failed to grasp my attention, not saying the show was bad or anything because I still see and hear a bunch of people talking about it and about how funny it is, but like I said it just wasn't my cup of tea. So in search of a new show to watch I actually decided to start watching this anime called "Food Wars" or "Shokugeki No Soma." All my friends were watching it and I watched the first episode at Eshie's house a couple months ago and it was ridiculously funny and really knew how to make my mouth salivate. 

Food Wars | Shokugeki No Soma 
The show Food Wars / Shokugeki No Soma is about a boy named Yukihira Soma who is trying to surpass and earn the respect from his father as a chef. To do this Soma is trying to make it to the number one spot in a very prestigious and elite culinary school whose graduation rate is less than ten percent. Each episode consists of challenges in which Soma must face and overcome in order to reach it to the number one spot. 

I really recommend this to people who love food! And if you think Hayao Miyazaki and all the illustrators made their food in their films look good then you have to watch this series because the illustrators made the food just as aesthetically pleasing that you just want to go through the screen and eat all the food! 

To watch this series follow the link here --> CLICK ME 

My Love Story
My love story is a cute anime about a high school student named Takeo Gouda who is a bit bigger than the average person, but despite his appearance he has a really kind heart. However people fail to see his kind-heartedness and only see his intimidating size. Also whenever Takeo would have a crush on a girl they would never fall for him but for his best friend Sunakawa. However things get a little crazy after saving a girl named Yamato from being groped on the train. Takeo starts to develop feelings for her but due to past incidents where the girl would always fall for his best friend he fails to see that Yamato has feelings for him as well! 

I'm not too far into the series but just based off Takeo's character I'm already really enjoying the show. I love when the protagonist has a silly personality because it just makes the show a lot more relatable to myself. Also I love that the main character is a guy and not a girl with low-confidence and lacks common sense (99% of romance anime that I've experienced).  

So if you're looking for a cute romance series to watch that's super original then I definitely recommend this! 

To watch this series ---> CLICK HERE
Steven Universe
Steven Universe is my all time favorite cartoon of this generation. It's not another one of those weird cartoons that you'd only watch when you're on acid (you know what I'm talking about). I believe a majority of people who grew up watching cartoons like Rugrats, The Power Puff Girls, Ed Edd and Eddy, etc. all agree that the cartoons nowadays have made a turn for the worst. However, Steven Universe has restored faith in cartoons of this generation. It's such a cute show with a cross between Sailor Moon and Adventure Time. 

I would recommend this show to those who were really big fans of Sailor Moon and liked the show Bee and Puppy Cat, so yes it is kind of a girly show but that doesn't mean guys can't watch it either. Each character is unique and brings something different to the show and you can tell there is just a lot of thought put into the production of this show, nothing makes me think that the show was in anyway done half-heartedly and that probably just makes me like the show even more!

To catch up with what's Steven and the Gems are doing ---> CLICK ME (must have Hulu Plus Account) 

What are some shows you guys are currently watching? I'd love to know! Also if you have any recommendations be sure to leave them in the comments below.

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