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July 1, 2015

Hello everyone! So as you may or may not know I recently went back to New York to go see my boyfriend to celebrate our one year anniversary! I left on the 17th of this month and came back on the 26th, and boy did those ten days pass by quick. However this mini vacation was exactly what I needed to get away from the stress from work and I just needed a new change of scenery. And of course not being able to see my boyfriend for 3 months was really taking a toll on me. So spending ten wonderful days with this wonderful guy was heavenly and of course I'm so heartbroken to be away from him again, but we'll be seeing each other again soon enough so that's something I'm always looking forward to. But enough with the sappy talk and let's get more into the lovely photos I gathered up all throughout the trip!

First things first, I just wanted to say prior to the trip I was nonstop whining to Anthony about how I expected him to bring me donuts when I landed in New York. And when I got there he was donutless *sad face* I admit I was a little bummed out because I really wanted donuts. You know how in the movies when couples reunite at the airport or train station or whatever, the guy surprises the girl with flowers? Well my flowers are donuts. So being slightly bummed I was honestly whatever about it cause it's not like I was going to New York just to get some donuts BUT then as we got into the car Anthony pulled out a box of a dozen donuts and my heart melted. Such a good boyfriend haha 

Also I just missed having my own personal chef for ten days. Anthony made that baked egg in the middle of an avocado thing (Not really sure if there's an official name for it) and it was basically like heaven in my mouth like I am probably going to be having these for breakfast every day for the rest of my life lol. 

The Peanut Butter and Banana Greek Frozen Yogurt is the best <333

Fast forwarding to Friday the 19th we celebrated our anniversary at West Hampton Beach! It was probably the most perfect day to go! The sun was out with barely any clouds and surprisingly there weren't that many people. 

And if some of you are wondering the bathing suit I am wearing is the Victoria's Secret Teeny Triangle Set in So Silver Foil
 We were both in desperate need of a tan and the sun felt absolutely AMAZING. 

Hipster couple being hip and drinking hipster smoothies

Later that night we went to our favorite restaurant on Long Island, Caffe Amici. And those pasta purses were the bomb dot com like I need their recipe on how to make this right now because I cannot even describe how badly I'm craving them right now.
Also shoutout to our super cool and awesome waiter Anthony (what a coincidence)! 

 On Monday we headed out east towards Greenport and had some out of this world quesadillas from a restaurant in town called The Rhumb Line. 

Saw this giant strawberry on the way and had to take a quick pic on our way back home! 

 On Tuesday we went out to Coney Island! The weather was a little gloomy at first and it was supposed to rain, but as the day went by it got sunnier and hotter! 

 Not sure if a lot of people now about these cotton candy flower things, but my friend Eshie actually showed me a video of it like some time last year or so and I seriously did not expect to see one being made in real life! I was considering getting one, but then I saw how huge it was and I was like "NO thank you." I did not need that much cotton candy in my life haha. 
The two rides Anthony and I rode while at Coney Island were the Thunderbolt and the Wonder Wheel. Both striking fear into our lives because we have a fear of heights and a slight fear of roller coasters breaking on us while riding. But surprisingly enough we enjoyed ourselves! We especially liked the Thunderbolt, although that first initial climb is traumatizing, we definitely would ride it again. 

I unfortunately did not get a picture of the Thunderbolt ride, but if you Google it you get a pretty basic idea of what the ride looks like.

And of course all the fun had to end all too soon and before I knew it I was on a plane back home.
But I had a great time in New York, as always, and saying good bye and not being able to see Anthony for another couple months is always the hardest part, but as he says all the time "it's better than not being together at all."

So to conclude things I hope you guys enjoyed this post and don't forget to follow me on other social media platforms like Snapchat + Twitter @ katsangfroid
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Coming up next is how I pack for a trip + what's in my carry on + some packing and traveling tips!

So look out for that!


  1. Those doughnuts look insanely delicious and the photo of you taken at dinner is so beautiful, your hair looks lovely!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice



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