A Closer Look | Cheero Power Plus DANBOARD Battery Charger Review

July 6, 2015

If you read my "Travel Tips And Tricks + What's In My Carry On" post then you'll know that I recently got this Cheero Power Plus Danboard Battery Charger for my trip to New York. And this has seriously been a life changer and really came in handy throughout my trip. If you wanna learn more about the battery charger then please keep reading :)

First off I ordered the battery charger off Amazon and it cost me $50. The picture above is what it looks like right out of the package. The Danboard version of the battery charger comes in various other "flavors" (colors) and of course I got the one in strawberry pink! 

And on the back the instructions and details about the items are all in Japanese but the battery charger is user friendly so it's not necessarily all that hard to figure out. And although the packaging says it charges up to the iPhone 5s it works just fine with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. 
Along with the battery charger comes the charging cord and a carrying pouch. 
And to give you guys an idea of how big the battery is here it is pictured next to the iPhone 6. So if you're looking for a super portable charger that doesn't take up that much space, then this might not be the battery charger for you. However the size doesn't necessarily bother me so much because I feel it'll be harder for me to lose or misplace. 
Back view. 
Side View
As you can see it comes with two USB ports so you can charge two devices at once. The input port is for the battery charger cord that comes with the battery. 
The battery has these LED lights on the side that indicate how fully charged (or not charged) the battery is. I admit it does take quite a while for the battery to fully charge so I recommend that if you need to charge it to do so overnight. I've estimated it to take about 5 or so hours to fully charge. Of course it probably just takes a while to fully charge because of the power of the battery. However after it's been fully charged it lasts me about three days without having to be charged again!

Overall: 5/5
I am so happy I bought this battery charger because it has been a real life changer! I'm always constantly on my phone thus my phone usually needs some charging throughout the day. However this battery charger saves me the hassle of looking for an outlet and charges my phone extremely quick. I love how this can go days without having to charge and it's super cute too! I also like the fact that it allows you to charge to devices at once!

The only downside to why this might not be a good option for some people is the size and the fact that it takes super long to charge the actual battery itself when needed. If someone were looking for a super portable charger that doesn't take up that much space this might not be the battery charger choice for you. Also $50 is a bit pricey but I feel it is a really good investment for how quickly it charges my phone and how long the actual battery charger's life lasts.

Ultimately if you're looking for a reliable, quick charge and super cute battery charger definitely go for this cheero Danboard one. And again you can purchase it on Amazon

I hope you guys enjoyed this post be sure to follow me for more! Also if you have any other questions about the battery charger leave them down in the comments section below!

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