Weekend Rewind + Photo Diary | Juan's Feeling 22 + Greeter Falls + Movies In The Park!

June 15, 2015

I've had a pretty eventful life these past couple of weekends, I started off the month celebrating my friend's 22nd birthday, then went hiking at Greeter Falls and then enjoyed a scorching hot summer day watching a movie in the park! 

Starting off with Juan's 22nd birthday! I showed up a little late to the festivities because I didn't get off work that night until about 11 but when I showed up I made my presence known by winning 9 something games of Speed in a row until Belina beat me. I hate playing singles in Speed. And I know "speed" is a slang or street name for a drug, not sure which one, but the Speed I'm talking about is a card game that I'm sure most of you might have played back in high school.

The night was real chill and laid back. Everyone was having a good time and of course the selfie stick came into action lol. 

And this is what happens when you let your friends have a Touch ID on your phone and they hack into your Snapchat account.

I left the party pretty early on (if you consider 1 am early) because I had to be at work the next day at 8 lol. Yes, I know I can't hang.

Then I also celebrated my new favorite holiday on the 5th! And if you guys follow me on Instagram you'd probably know exactly which holiday I'm talking about. That's right
I seriously cannot tell you enough how much of a guilty pleasure donuts are to me. They are just perfect in every shape, form, flavor, and filling. If there were no health related risks to eating a dozen donuts a day, I'd probably do it.
The drinking does not stop with us lol. Because spiked shakes are better than regular shakes.
@ Burger Republic
Left: Spiked Nutella Shake
Right: Frozen Black Irish

I also just wanted to mention that I finally reached VIB status at Sephora! Thanks to Deanna for using my Sephora card and racking up the last couple of points I needed to reach VIB lol.

Moving along to a random Tuesday (I know, not really part of the weekend) some friends and I decided to go for a hike at Greeter Falls! I've done this hike about two or three other times prior to this and it never fails to burn the heck out of my thighs! But the view and serene environment is always worth the pain and sweat.

At the top of the waterfall! 
Crystal Gems til the end :D

Then on Thursday the amigos, my little brother, and I all went to Elmington Park downtown for Movies In The Park! That night they were showing Big Hero 6 and everyone who's seen that movie or even heard of it knows how great this movie is. I still cry every time for Tadashi *tear*

Retro Sno was making special Baymax snow cones! But it was so hot outside that it melted right when I got it, but I still managed to snap a picture beforehand! 

The night got pretty crazy though because turns out that after we left my friend Eshie realized she left her keys at the park! So after taking my little brother home we went back to the park and probably spent about a solid 15 minutes looking for her keys in almost complete darkness until finding them. Luckily they were still there! 

As for this past weekend all I did was work but I did manage to get a little shopping in so a possible haul post may be coming up so be on the look out for that~ 

Also a big C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S to my friend John who graduated from the Navy two days ago! I know I'm a terrible person for not being able to Skype with you that morning because of work, but just know you proved everyone wrong who didn't believe in you and that we're all very proud :)

Noir the sassiest cat of sassy cats.

Also just a slight heads up that I may not be posting as frequent the next week and a half because I'll be in New York! And I don't plan on bringing my laptop because I feel that even if I do bring it, I won't have any time to sit down and work on posts or anything. But I will have post up and ready in the queue  so you won't feel as if I forgot about you guys! But when I get back I do plan on working on a big post about my trip and everything along with it!

So please be understanding. I know that I don't necessarily have a strict posting schedule but I do try to make sure I at least post every other week if not every week and at least twice within that week. I'm still working on it! 

Thanks for understanding and I hope you all enjoyed this post! 

With love, 

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