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June 18, 2015

Hi guys! So I thought it'd be a pretty fun (and embarrassing) idea to share with you guys some really old picture of myself and basically show you guys the "Evolution of Kat Sangfroid" or should I say "Kat McLovin." Because, yes, five years ago I actually thought I was cool going by that and I even made that my MySpace name. Yup, had to mention the good ol MySpace days. Which surprisingly enough I managed to log back into my account and which is where I found majority of these pictures and for some reason felt like it was a good idea to let you guys see these embarrassing photos of me back in high school and when I obviously did not know how filters worked lol. 

The pictures start from 2007-ish me all the way to 2015 me.

And here's my all time favorite picture of my best friend Eshie and I back in 8th grade. 
Just look at that pro editing and the great usage of fonts. This just screams "MySpace Classic" all over it. 

I hope these pictures gave you guys a good laugh and didn't scare you guys away too much. I know, I was an awkward child back in the day, but who wasn't? From all the bad self-given haircuts to the overplucked eyebrows, all of that has made me blossom into the awesome person I am now haha. Aside from all the physical changes I've been through I'll always be and always have been the overly sarcastic person you all probably can't stand being around for more than 24 hours lol. 

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