Summer Clothing & Accessory Essentials 2015 | Part One

June 1, 2015

It's the first day of June and only 20 more days until it's going to officially be the first day of summer! Sadly it's been raining here nonstop since yesterday, but summer is the only thing on my mind!  Are you guys prepared for the warmer (possibly Hellish) weather? If not look no further because I've got some summer essentials that will ensure that you're prepared for all your summer plans all the way from your head to your toes!

3. Forever 21 Straw Grosgrain-Ribbon Boater Hat $13 

It's key to protect yourself from the harsh rays of the sun but we tend to forget to protect our faces! So floppy hats or boater hats are a cute yet practical way of doing so. Also I added a cute head chain because it's an easy way to add some extra style to your look while going out at night with your friends! 

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Your eyes are one of the most precious part of your body and taking care of them is especially important in the summer. So prevent from any premature blindness get some super cute yet super affordable sunglasses from ZeroUV! They have a huge variety of sunglasses all for no more than $20, some go as cheap as $5! And aside from a cute and stylish pair of sunglasses we all love a good deal so be sure to check them out and if it's your first time shopping with them be sure to sign up for their newsletter because it comes with a 25% off coupon! 

Top Tops For Summer

Funky prints are easier and somewhat more acceptable to pull off in the summer, so don't be afraid to wear some crazy prints ranging from eyeballs to bananas! 

Crop tops are a key staple for summer time and they come in all different kinds of styles and with different prints! 

Kimonos and light cardigans come in handy on chilly summer nights or when you feel you need a little more protection while out in the sun but without the hassle of adding on too many layers.

Summer just wouldn't be summer without taking a trip to the beach or the pool!

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4. Brandy Melville Eve Shorts $24

Everyone knows that once the sun's out the buns come with it! Nothing wrong with a little cheeky action going on in the summer, especially if you're trying to beat the heat. Nonetheless be sure to wear clothing items that YOU are comfortable with. I know that it gets rather hot in the summer on the western hemisphere and people start to show a little too much skin than necessary, but fashion shouldn't just be about looking cute and stylish but being comfortable and confident with what you wear! So if short-shorts aren't your thang then don't stress! There are even cuter skirts (especially maxi's) out there, so you'll be both covered yet still feel the breeze~~

Gladiator-Styled sandals are the staple sandals this summer. From ankle gladiator sandals to knee highs, the strappier and "gladiator-ier" the better. Also a thick and chunky strap with some criss-cross action are also making their way into everyone's wardrobe this summer as well! 

I hope you guys found this post somewhat helpful! And also thank you so much to Polyvore for making these fashion templates super easy to create! I'm extremely late on joining this site but now I just can't get enough of it. I used to make these fashion templates/ wishlists the old school way by copying and pasting everything into paint, but now using Polyvore just makes everything so much more convenient and really has everything you need all in one place! So be sure to follow me on my Polyvore account as well HERE and I'll follow you guys back! I'm still trying to get the hang of things but I really want to see all your guy's super cute,chic and creative creations.

Stay tuned for part two of this post where I'll be going over essential summer skin care, health, and travel accessories! 

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