#MCM | Kit Harington Appreciation Post

June 22, 2015

If you've been keeping up with my other social media and even briefly skimmed over a few recent posts you'd know that my latest obsession (besides donuts) has been Game Of Thrones. I cannot get enough of the show and I'm just about caught up with the latest season. But enough with the heavily extended introduction and let's get down to business....

K i t M'f'ing H a r i n g t o n. 

My latest man crush and I'm sorry babe I know you're probably reading this, but you and I both know that he is pretty darn sexy. (I recently got my boyfriend to start watching the series) 

Now... Let us all just take some time and appreciate this beautiful man. 

And for all those who sadly "know nothing" of  who this man is he is the British actor who plays Jon Snow in the television series "Game Of Thrones"

And not to sound cheesy but c'mon Kit & Kat.
We'd make the perfect best friends with the coolest yet original best friend name pairing. 
I really hope to see more of him after Game of Thrones because he is a phenomenal actor (as is the rest of the cast *Team Arya*). And if the rumors of him and Emilia Clarke dating are true, I'd totally support that shipment lol.


And no. I won't accept Jon's Snow death because he can't be dead and why would they end the season like that!!!! WHYYYY

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