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May 6, 2015

Spring has sprung, but because the school semester is done and over with for me, summer vacation is all that's been on my mind lately. And with summer time comes a need for some new summer wants and essentials! Of course this summer all I really plan on doing is working but that doesn't mean I shouldn't look cute or treat myself every now and then. Also I'm planning on taking another trip up to New York this summer as well and I definitely want to make sure I have every thing I need for the trip!

So here is just a sneak of a couple items I've been eyeing lately and have been really wanting but of course being a broke college student and having other things to pay for, they have been stuck on my wishlist but are hopefully going to make their way into my closet/bag some time very very soon. 

I know what you guys are thinking, why am I thinking or even wanting to buy a sweater in the summer time? Well there are those occasional summer nights that get a little chilly and sometimes pulling over a nice sweater helps keep you warm, but not too warm of course. 

We all love pizza so why not have a shirt expressing that ever-dying love? (puns about death are always good, right?) 

And what is summer time without cute swim attire? Nothing. That's what it is. A summer without at least taking one trip to the pool, lake, or beach is just a wasted summer in my opinion. 

I have been wanting a pair of plain and simple strappy heels and these are seriously the perfect pair. You can dress them up or dress them down and just ugh, so perfect. 

This is probably the cutest external battery ever! And of course an external battery is a must-have when traveling or going out. What's great about this one is that it has two usb ports so you can charge two devices at once! Not to mention it is super adorable and affordable! 

This is such a cute summer time dress and also great for all you pineapple lovers as well! The cutout in the middle gives the dress a little extra edge while still keeping it on the conservative side. Sadly they only have medium and larges left, but hopefully they'll be restocking in XS and Smalls soon! *Fingers crossed* 

To protect your face from the beaming rays of the sun, a floppy hat is number one must-have for the summer time and you'll also look super cute doing it too!
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I'm not sure how long the code is going to last so take advantage of it ASAP!

I automatically fell in love with this choker the moment I laid eyes on it! There's no need for an explanation for why you need it, seriously. Just look at it. 

Although I don't know how I'd wear these with shoes, even though I'm sure the main idea is to not wear these with shoes, I've been drawn to foot chains lately. I've always admired gypsy-related fashion pieces and this is seriously the ideal foot chain in my opinion. I'd probably wear these when taking a trip to the beach :) 

Well that's it for this Wishlist post, I'm sure the list will only grow bigger and bigger as time goes by! What's on your guy's wishlist, or was there an item I mentioned that caught your eye? 

Until next time my loves <3

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