Sam Smith Appreciation Post | Happy Birthday to this Wonderful Man

May 19, 2015

Happy May 19th everyone! Today is a day of many events and celebrations, for one it is my boyfriend and I's 11 month anniversary, it is also the beginning of Mercury Retrograde (booooo *thumbs down*), and most last but not least it is Sam Smith's birthday today! And even if you don't know me personally, everyone knows how much I absolutely adore Sam Smith and that I am in love with both him and his godly voice. Which on a side note, Sam recently underwent surgery on his vocal cords, which I've been hearing has been a success so lettuce all be grateful for that and for still being able to hear this man perform in future concerts to come.

We all love you Sam! 

So a big 
H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y  
to you! 
You are the greatest and you deserve the best <3

Happy anniversary babe <3
I didn't forget about you haha

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