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May 30, 2015

Two artists/groups who I have not been able to get enough of lately are Aluna George and Alina Baraz (& Galimatias). They are the two stations on my Pandora that I constantly have on repeat! If you haven't heard of them I really suggest you guys give them a listen, especially if you're into the "trap" kind of music. I feel their music are perfect for small get togethers or kick back with your friends! I personally love listening to them in the car, while I'm working out, or even when I'm just relaxing in my room working on blog posts :)

More About The Artists 

| Aluna George |

Aluna George is an English electronic duo from London consisting of Aluna Francis and George Reid. They formed in 2009 but didn't become popular until about 2012. 
The two actually met over Myspace back in 2009 and became instant hits with just a few songs! 
George Reid was actually the one to recruit and ask to sign Aluna and ever since they've been a duo and making some really great hits.

Aluna Francis

Aluna Francis is the vocalist of the group and her voice is just the perfect voice to fall asleep to. It's both calming and melodic. There wasn't much on her that I could find via Google but all I know is that I'm glad she's making music and I hope she keeps on doing what she's doing with George Reid because together they are just musical geniuses. 

George Reid

George Reid is the one responsible for the "sound" that comes from the group. He does the music production and the instrumentals for the songs. He honestly is a genius at what he does. He knows how to produce a sound that pairs perfectly with Aluna's voice. 

These two together are a match made in Heaven. 

To keep up with what this dynamic duo is up to follow them on these platforms!

| Alina Baraz |

Okay, first off I'll be honest I don't know what Alina Baraz looks like and I couldn't find any pictures of her and the results I found on Google were questionable. So sadly I don't have any pictures of her for you guys but here is the signature "Alina Baraz" photo that you'll usually see as the photo cover to her songs. 

She often has songs featuring the Danish producer who goes by Galimatias. 

Just like I said about Aluna Francis, Alina Baraz's voice is just heavenly. Both soothing and just pleasing to the ear. 

I'm really sad I couldn't find much about these artists! But even so they both do a great job at what they do and I would absolutely love to see them perform live! 

For more you can find Alina Baraz on these social media platforms!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and the songs that came with it! 
Recommend similar artists or songs down in the comments below, I'd love to give them a listen :)

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