Photo Diary | Paramore Writing the Future Tour 2015 | Nashville

May 18, 2015

Last night, my best friend Eshie and I got to relive our middle school days and saw Paramore live in concert! They were playing at the Grand Ole Opry and if you guys didn't know, Nashville is actually their hometown. So I thought it was pretty awesome being able to see the band perform live in their hometown and the whole experience was just surreal and the performance was just overall AMAZING. And I would say the word "amazing" is an understatement.

The Opening Act | Copeland 

Copeland was their opening act and they did just as well! I couldn't stop staring at one of their guitarist because he looked so much like Anthony (my boyfriend) and he was fairly entertaining because he was getting really into the performance and the music haha.

The one song I really liked by them was called "Sleep." 
So feel free to give them a listen! 

Hayley Williams is just the cutest thing in the world and she really puts on a great show by being so lively and she really gets into her songs. You can tell the band is super passionate about what they do and it showed through their performance last night <3

And I'm slightly jealous of this one girl (Jasmine from Australia) who Hayley actually called out to come and sing with her on stage! But on a side note, I'm glad I wasn't the one to go up there because I had already lost my voice mid-concert lol.

Sorry about the video quality, I recorded and took all the pictures with my iPhone 6, so please forgive me for the subpar quality.

Overall the concert was absolutely amazing! They band did such a great job, as to be expected, and they are absolutely unbelievable live.

So yeah, Eshie and I had a really great time and got to relive our middle school days, and yes we are that old lol. 
And you guys out there are Paramore fans I would definitely recommend seeing them live at least once because it is sooo worth it and you will without a doubt not regret it at all. 

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