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May 2, 2015

Alright guys, so I know it's the beginning of the month of May, but ironically I am going to be talking about an event I went to last month called MTAC. Now surprisingly to most of you who don't know me personally probably wouldn't have guessed that I'm quite the nerdy type. And I might not be the nerdiest of nerds out there, but I do have a dorky and more geekier side to me, and I say that with confidence and admittingly say that I have been attending this event/convention ever since I was in 6th grade. Now, for all the readers who don't necessarily live in the states or even remotely close to Nashville, Tennessee MTAC is Tenneessee's most renown anime convention and MTAC stands for "Middle Tennessee Anime Convention" and this year's theme was "15 to Life." And for people that don't know what anime is, it's basically Japanese cartoon animations. Some examples would be like Sailor Moon, InuYasha, Samurai Champloo, FLCL just to name a few. (And some of my personal favorites) And this year MTAC was actually hosted at two hotels, which is very different compared to the past times where they would usually only host it at one. This year they were able to host it at the Sheraton Music City Hotel and the Marriott, which were right down the road from each other. I thought it was pretty cool that they got to bring it back to the Sheraton, because the first time I ever went to MTAC it was hosted there, so it was kind of a sense of nostalgia going back to MTAC at the Sheraton. And what was also really cool was that you had the option to take a shuttle from hotel to hotel, which was a lot more convenient than losing your parking spot and driving back and forth. But then again the hotels were within walking distance from each other too, so it was nice having that option as well.

So what usually happens at these conventions are tons of panels and events related to anime and gaming. So it's just a big gathering of happy nerds and admirers of anime, gaming, manga and etc. What I usually go for is the Dealer Room, which is where are the vendors sell anime and non-anime related items and merchandise. So ultimately everyone is just here to spend money lol.  I also like looking out for good cosplay (people that dress up as anime/manga/gaming characters or characters of their own).

Esmeralda from "The Hunchback of Notredame"
San from "Princess Mononoke"
Cross gender Sailor Scouts
Toph, Zuko, and Katara from "Avatar: The Last Airbender" 
Tinkie Winkie from "The Teletubbies" and Criminal Bubbles from "The PowerPuff Girls"

Groot from "The Guardians Of The Galaxy" 

Rick Grimes from "The Walking Dead"

I didn't really get to take pictures of all the cosplays there that day, mainly because most of the cosplays were of characters I didn't know, but I feel the few that I got to capture were picture-worthy *thumbs up*

What was also cool about this year's convention was that there were two dealer rooms, and both were equally as "interesting" for a lack of a better word. I remember last year they did have two dealer rooms but the main one was the only one worth anyone's time because the second one just seemed like it was a room full of reject items that couldn't fit in the main room (not to sound rude, but we all know it's true)

And here are a couple pictures of some of the cute (but super overpriced and expensive) items I found in the dealer room!

 After spending 4-something hours at MTAC the crew and I decided to go get some ramen (typical because we weren't just at an anime convention or anything lol). So we headed to this restaurant called Otaku South! This was my first time there and if you're familiar with the East Nashville area, Otaku South is located near Eastland Avenue towards the Five Points Pizza area. The overall look of the restaurant was very modern and "hipster-esque." I liked how they had books and manga/comic books out on the tables that you could read while you waited for your food. What was also cool about the location was that it doubled as a ramen shop and bubble tea place as well! (Known as Pop Nashville, but they only serve bubble tea on Saturdays apparently) 

Although I'd had to say this, but I was kind of disappointed in the ramen I ordered. I felt like I could've gotten a packet of Mama Ramen noodles and made the dish myself. However, that doesn't mean that it wasn't delicious, I feel that I just didn't know what to order and that if you know some of the "off menu" items, it'll be more worth the visit. Also I would say that being someone who has grown up on ramen dishes and similar dishes like ramen, I guess that kind of played as a factor as to my expectations of the ramen. Overall, I'd still recommend people check out this place because the service was very genuine and the atmosphere is very welcoming and relaxed. It's a very cool place to hang out with a big group of friends, especially out on the patio where you can get a pretty decent view of the downtown area. What I definitely recommend is going on a Saturday and ordering one of Pop Nashville's bubble teas, I had the horchata bubble tea, which was the special for the week, and it was probably THE best bubble tea I've ever had in Nashville. 

After eating, we went back to the convention but didn't necessarily do much so we went back to one of our friend's hotel room and decided to do a Zelda puzzle. 

And after probably almost two hours, four of us finished it. It was originally five people working on it, but I'm not going to name any names, but not even halfway through the puzzle a certain someone gave up haha. (Not me by the way.) 

After accomplishing the puzzle, we went back to the convention one last time, and mind you it was about almost 10 pm this time, so we have probably spent about almost 13 hours out at this convention. 
 Oh! And I forgot to mention the cutest purchase I made that day, which was this pink alpaca plushie that has a heart tag that says "I *Heart* U" on it.

Overall, MTAC was a lot better compared to last year. Although I somewhat feel like I'm outgrowing the whole anime thing, I still think I'd be attending the convention for a couple more years to come. And also if you're planning on attending next year and see me, don't be the socially awkward person you usually are, and don't be scared to say hi to me! I know I can be intimidating and judgmental looking, but that's just the stank face I have on because we all know that not everyone remembers to wear deodorant to these things. But I promise I'm friendly and if anything I'm sure MTAC will be seeing me again next year!

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