Photo Diary | Game Of Thrones Night @ Adventure Science Center | Nashville

May 8, 2015

If I haven't already mentioned this, I have recently hopped on the Game of Thrones bandwagon, and let me just tell you that if you have yet to start this series, you need to start it like...yesterday cause this show is just full of anticipation,drama, action and you really do feel a sense of attachment to the characters. I haven't read the books, but I feel the show does a phenomenal job already of carrying out the story line. And last Friday, the Adventure Science Center was hosting this Game Of Thrones "Way Late Play Date" event. Of course I had to go and indulge in the Game of Thrones-ness.

And for those who don't live in the Nashville area or haven't heard of the Adventure Science Center, it's mainly a place where people (mostly for kids) learn about the basic things of science biology, chemistry, physics, and physical science, but in a way that's fun and without the classroom. What the "Way Late Play Date" events are, are just events hosted by the Adventure Science Center but for adults 21 and up because there would be alcohol beverages served and whatnot. And basically the adults will have the opportunity to enjoy all the facilities and gizmos of the Adventure Science Center without the hassle of worrying about losing their kids or running kids over and etc.

I only got one picture of someone dressed up and ironically the Khaleesi I took a picture with looked like my cousin Leslie! LOL 
And excuse my awkward smile lol

Some of the events they were having included: Squid dissection, a costume contest, a demonstration with fire and ice and of course the opportunity to use any of the other facilities originally in the Science Center. 

 Although I hate the Greyjoys, they had the most fun event, which was the squid dissection!

 This was taken right after I accidentally slapped myself in the face with the glove. 

Excuse my language in this, I had about 3 cups of wine prior to this and couldn't help but freak out about the creepy rocking chair that welcomed us when we went into the bathroom. 

The night ended abruptly for us because, like I said, I had about 3 cups of wine and I was pretty tipsy at that point and that was our cue to go home. Although I expected a lot more to be going on with this event, and I don't really know if I'd attend another one of these "Way Late Play Dates" at the Adventure Science Center, but the only reason being is that I've been to the Adventure Science Center so many times when I was younger, and I already got to experience all the gizmos and gadgets going on in there. So if they were to do another Game of Thrones Night, TWD, or any geek fandoms again at the Adventure Science Center, the only thing I'd advise is probably more events towards that and less relying on the original facilities to entertain the attendees. I mean yes, the whole idea is having the Adventure Science Center for the adults but again, I felt they could've done a lot more. 

Overall, I still had an enjoyable night. Not really worth paying $30 for, but we did what we could.

Until next time, loves. 

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