My First Tattoo!

March 21, 2015

Last week I finally grew a pair and did something I've been wanting to do for quite some time, and as you can probably already tell from the title, I got my first tattoo! For the longest I held off from getting a tattoo because I never really knew what I wanted to get. And I was also kind of torn between where to get my tattoo because I had a lot of people tell me to really think it through because if I get in the "wrong" spot it'll potentially hurt me in the future when trying to get a job. But over all I feel that with tattoos, if it's going to prevent me from getting a job then that job doesn't deserve to have me as an employee anyway. But that's another spew for another day, because all I can say is I am absolutely in love with my and I already know what I'm planning on getting next. Yes, it's true that once you get your first tattoo you're kind of addicted and want to get more.

Anyway, the design I got is Sailor Moon related. And I'll be honest and say I had a little help from a good friend named Google to help me decide on the design I wanted to get. So pictured below is the original picture/design I found

And ideally I wanted my tattoo to be as close in color as possible to the original picture, but seeing as there is a lot of "light" shining in the picture, it would've been quite difficult getting that transferred into a tattoo. 

Now pictured below is the final product right after it was finished, and I am seriously beyond satisfied and happy with the way it came out! The color scheme is so perfect and the lining, shading, coloring, everything is just phenomenal. 

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The tattoo artist I went to is named Daniel Evers (IG: Daniel_Evers) and he is based in Nashville at Flash City Tatto and at Fishpig Ink in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. I really recommend him to anyone in the Nashville/ Middle Tennessee area because he really does take his time and makes sure you're doing alright throughout the whole process. You can tell he really cares about the way the tattoo is going to look and that you're happy with the way it comes out. If you want to hit him up you can contact him via Instagram @ Daniel_evers or email him at 

He charges $100 per hour regardless if you're doing color or not and he doesn't charge you when he takes breaks. My tattoo ended up only being about $150, which I feel is pretty reasonable for the size, color and design of the tattoo. 

 And above is just an awkward-looking picture of me having my arm drilled at by Daniel. I was holding my hand like that because I knew I would be twitching throughout the whole process if I didn't, and of course I didn't want to mess up the tattoo in anyway so I wanted to be extra cautious.

And I'll admit, the pain of getting a tattoo was not as bad but also at the same time just as bad as I imagined. When he first started it hurt but it was tolerable. Towards the end, especially when he started coloring in the moon, my face started cringing more and I had to bite down on my lip from time to time because it felt so tender and sensitive. BUT an hour and a half later and everything was over and well worth the pain. I would say, to me, the needle for the outlining felt like a rounded-tip type of blade carving into my skin. The needles he used for the coloring felt more literal. Like it really just felt like 4 needles stabbing into my arm simultaneously. For the most part it was a tolerable type of pain, I feel it only hurt a bit more because of the spot I got it and also because I didn't know what to expect.

But, I would say the worst part about getting a tattoo is the healing process, especially when the tattoo starts peeling. The picture below is a good example picture of how crazy the tattoo started peeling and how gross it looked after a while. I was trying to be so careful not to pick, and I didn't, but I was tempted so many times to just peel everything off.

Daniel also gave me a tattoo aftercare kit to take home and help with the healing process too! The one he gave me was the brand H2Ocean. It was a kit that included the soap, lotion, and "foam barrier" which is what helps lock in the color. It seriously felt like Heaven every time I cleaned my tattoo and applied the lotion. 

After about a week I would say my tattoo is basically 99% healed and I only have a little scabbing left, but nothing too noticeable or uncomfortable. 
When the tattoo first started peeling and scabbing it made work so much more challenging for me, because where I work my uniform includes wearing a long sleeve shirt and having the sleeve constantly rub against my tattoo was so uncomfortable and irritating, not just to me but to my arm also. I thought I had almost messed up the tattoo big time when I accidentally pulled up the sleeve causing it to rub against the tattoo which led to some of the peeling to tug off. But so far I don't see anything wrong with the tattoo and it looks like it should be completely healed by the time this weekend is over. 
The only thing that sucks right now is that it's super itchy and all I want to do is scratch it but I know I can't. 

But after all this peeling, scabbing, and itching is over with I know it'll all be worth it because I love my tattoo so much and even though I know I'll be getting a lot of criticism of "now it'll be harder to get a job" and whatnot, that's something I was aware of even before I got the tattoo. And regardless of whether or not that is going to happen, I don't regret my tattoo and where I got it. 

So shoutout to Daniel for doing such a great job and for all you out there thinking about getting a tattoo, I say just make sure you know you're not going to regret getting it, make sure you're going to a legit tattoo artist, do research on who and where you're going to, think things through before you get it and that it's something you know you'd be proud to show off. 

With love,

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