Hair Diaries & How I Brought My Hair Back To Life

March 26, 2015

About a year and a half ago I decided to do something drastically different to my hair. It was something I've always been wanting to do and I've seen a lot of other Asian females accomplish this. And basically what I wanted to do was turn my jet black hair into a platinum blonde. I don't know why I've always wanted to do it, one random day during my freshman year of high school, I just thought of the idea and never really went through with it until my second year of college. Of course, as you can see my hair is not platinum or even remotely close to any shades of blonde, meaning, of course the whole process was a fail. My plan was to ombre my hair and that way I could gradually build up to working the blonde up to my roots. Because of course I knew how damaging bleaching my hair was and if anything were to go wrong I didn't want to have to end up shaving my whole head. Because in my mind, cutting off the ends of my hair versus shaving my whole head, wouldn't be as traumatic. I've dyed my hair multiple times myself before so I thought bleaching it shouldn't be as hard. However, I soon learned I probably made the biggest mistake ever for my hair.

Pictured above is a picture I took right before the bleaching process started. I know it's not the best quality picture, due to it being taken on my phone, but you can see that it's not in the best condition, but after having bleached my hair, I remember thinking I'd give anything to go back to having my hair like this. And as you may or may not be able to tell, I fairly recently just box-dyed my hair a blue black color. And a key tip to those who are thinking of going to a platinum blonde from a jet, black hair color, DO NOT try to bleach on top of a box-dye color. The bleach will work best on virgin (unprocessed/dyed) hair. If you try to bleach on top of box-dyed hair it will be a nightmare! I am not a specialist in hair, but I've heard this tip over and over again that it's kind of just common sense.

 I remember this day so perfectly. I went to Sally's with my friend Ariele, who also at the time was experimenting with different colors in her hair, and helped me choose which bleach, toners and tools to use. I can vaguely remember the products I used, but I know the bleach I used was in a huge bucket and had blue powdered bleach inside. 

And pictured below is the different (dreadful) phases my hair went through. I know. They're probably making all the hairdressers/hairstylists cringe right now. 

They are in order from the first bleaching to the last few bleachings before I decided my hair had had enough torture.

The biggest mistake I made when bleaching was that I didn't give enough time for my hair to rest in between each bleaching. I would only wait about a week before I decided to try and bleach it again, because I was ignorant and felt that my hair would reach the platinum color quicker if I repetitively bleached it. However, I now know that good color takes time and patience. If you can't be patient, you and your hair are going to pay the price (literally). 

And as you can see because I was impatient my hair became very brittle, frail, fried and insanely dry. I legit had broom bristles as hair. I remember not even being able to run my fingers through my hair. And when I washed (during these times, just rinsed) my hair it became like puddy. (Something you DEFINITELY do not want.) And brushing or even trying to comb my hair was impossible. I had knots and tangles everywhere. My hair became so dry and tangled that it even started to dread up a bit. 

And of course most of you are probably wondering why I just didn't go the obvious route and just chop off all my hair. Well, just like most girls, my hair is something very valuable to me and I cherish my hair so so so much. I wanted anything but to cut my hair because I had short hair once before and it's just something I know I would never go back to. With my face shape and stronger jaw line, short hair just did not compliment me whatsoever. So I tried my damnedest to do what I could to replenish my hair and get it as close to it's natural state of health as possible. And about a year and a half later I can finally say I've accomplished that goal! But I can't tell you enough how much of a struggle it was and how frustrated I was at the time because my hair just did not want to seem to absorb any kind of moisture I tried putting back into it. I was tempted multiple times over and over again to cut my hair but I knew I'd had to reach an insanely level of desperate before I decided to do any kind of shortening of my hair. 

So how and what exactly did I do to revive my hair? Well, the secrets kind of been out for a while, as I mentioned this holy grail product in my February Favorites 2015 post, it is A R G A N O I L ! <3
This stuff seriously does miracles and wonders to your hair. But lately I've been developing a small routine to how I use the argan oil in my hair and taking a bit of extra measurements to ensure my hair is being taken care of. 

The routine I'm going to be discussing is what I've been doing to my hair lately and has been working really well for my hair. And I do this about once to twice a week. 
2. Any hair conditioner of your choice
3. A wide-tooth comb
4. Argan oil

Step 1: The process starts with completely dry hair. I take the H'Suan Wen Hua and apply a thick layer onto the middles and ends of my hair.

Step 2:   I allow the product to sit for the recommended 20 minutes before rinsing it out in the shower and then I shampoo and condition  like normal. The conditioner I've been using recently is the Loreal Total Repair 5 Restoring conditioner. But I recommend using any kind of conditioner you prefer. And by using the HSWH product, I feel it helps your hair absorb the product more and thus giving your hair the TLC it needs. I recommend washing and conditioning your hair first when you get into the shower because I feel it's a lot more beneficial to let the conditioner sit in your hair for a couple minutes rather than rinsing it out right way. 

Step 3: I usually wait about 3-5 minutes before rinsing out the conditioner with luke warm water, but as I'm rinsing out the conditioner I take a wide-tooth comb (the one I have is by Conair and I got it at Target) and comb out any knots or tangles that may have developed throughout the day. 

Step 4: After the shower I usually let my hair air dry. I usually wrap it up in a towel as I'm getting dressed, but as soon as I have my clothes on, I let the towel down and just proceed to air drying. Once my hair is about 70% dry, but not soaking wet, I take the ol reliable argan oil and smooth it throughout my hair. I then take the same wide-tooth comb and brush the oil through my hair to guarantee a proper distribution throughout the head. It is important that you apply the oil to damp hair because I've noticed that the product adheres to the hair better and is also absorbed into the hair better. 

Step 5: Go to bed, then wake up the next morning to silky, smooth hair. Run your fingers through your hair and be happy with your resurrected hair proteins and particles. Flaunt your revived fabulous hair and make everyone jealous. 

Easy as that! This process usually takes me about 10-15 minutes to do depending on how long it takes to comb out any tangles in my hair and just making sure the oil has been evenly distributed. And like I said I do this routine about twice a week. But it's recommended to use the HSWH product only once a week, so after the first time I use it, I don't use it again the second time I wash my hair. So with that I basically still do the same steps, but exclude the steps including the HSWH product. You still get just about the same results but like I said I feel that the HSWH product just helps with more absorption of whatever product you apply after rinsing it out. And everything I use is fairly cheap and easy to find! 

Now my hair is super fabulous and soft and although still dry from time to time, my hair is in way better condition that to what it was about a year and a half ago and I'm just super duper happy with what it's become. 

And so that's that with my hair and the long, drying, frustrating, yet accomplishing story to my hair. Everything takes time and patience when it comes to taking care of your hair and skin so be sure to just take care of it as much as you can and really invest into it. Also go to a hair specialist whenever you're thinking of doing a drastic change to your hair! Please do not try to do your hair yourself because more than likely it will not be so successful. Go to a hair stylist professional first before you decide to do anything and get their advice. 

Comment below with your hair struggles and stories! I'd love to hear about them! 

Until next time <33

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