Kat Goes To New York [Boyfriend's Birthday Edition]

February 6, 2015

Hello and good afternoon/morning (depending on when you guys are reading this)! So as you all know I did a lot of traveling these past few weeks and I literally went coast to coast. I first went to California and if you missed that post you can check it out here, and about a week after I came back from California I went to New York for Anthony's birthday! And to celebrate Anthony's birthday I got us tickets to the Sam Smith concert at Madison Square Garden! His reaction to when I gave him the tickets was priceless haha.

So when I first got to New York we just spent the first couple days relaxing at home and getting settled. On Wednesday we went shopping at Tanger Outlets and I splurged on myself a little, actually a lot my whole stay in New York. So I'm pretty guilty of splurging on myself, I admit, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Well maybe because the reason I was visiting was for Anthony's birthday, and yet look at me being selfish and just spending on myself haha. I am totally kidding guys. Anthony was so stubborn and wouldn't let me buy him anything because he felt guilty for me getting us tickets to the concert -____-

So on Thursday, which was the day of the concert, Anthony and I went into the city and boy was I glad that I wore layers and a thick coat! Because it was beyond freezing cold and the wind did not help any! And I can see why people love the city so much because there is just always something to do and new places to see and tons of places to eat! (because we all know how much I love food) I, personally, would not live in the city just because I prefer a suburban kind of living or household, but I would not mind being able to visit the city whenever I wanted.

I didn't get a chance to take as many pictures as I wanted because we were just constantly moving and I wanted to actually take the time to look around and see everything. But I did my best, and most of the pictures are of and in the city because the rest of my stay in New York was just at the house and I'm pretty sure you guys aren't necessarily interested in seeing pictures of that lol.

We did make a couple stops while venturing around the city though! We went to probably the best H&M I've ever been to. Like seriously still dreaming of filling my closet with all the things I found and wanted. But I refrained from buying anything (even though I wanted to take advantage of the somewhat cheaper taxes in NY compared to back home lol) because I didn't want to carry too much while walking around the city and when we got to the concert.

If you haven't been to the H&M in Manhattan, you are missing out. It's 3 floors, the music is ridiculously loud and it just has everything you H&M lovers (and non-lovers) need and want in life. And pictured above is just a quick panorama I took from the second floor of the store that had a busy view of the even busier city.
Eventually we got really hungry and one incredibly delicious place we stopped by and went to eat at was at The Hummus & Pita Co., which is, in one of the employee's exact words, "The Mediterranean version of Chipotle." And honestly if Chipotle and this place were to team up, it would be all I would ever eat for the rest of my life. Seriously the hummus, and just everything there was incredible and even Anthony, who is known to finish all his food and still be hungry, couldn't finish all the food we ordered. Just thinking about it makes me want to get on a plane and fly to the city just to enjoy another meal by them. I am a tad sad that the only have locations within the city. So to you lucky city dwellers who haven't checked out this place yet, I would suggest you go there now because you won't regret it.

After the mind-blowing meal at The Hummus and Pita, we headed towards Madison Square Garden for the concert! But we arrived an hour and a half early before the doors opened so we went to a nearby bar and had us a couple drinks. And coincidentally enough, the bar was playing some of Sam Smith's songs! I forgot the name of the bar we went to, but it was just about a two minute walk down the street next to Hooters.

Also a little shoutout to the man at the Hummus and Pita saying that Anthony and I were really cute together :3

Finally the time came for the concert! I didn't take any good quality pictures because most concerts don't allow you to use any "higher tech" cameras like DSLR's. But I tried my best trying to catch some pics with my phone! 
The opening act was George Ezra, and he was pretty good! I never heard of him prior to the concert but if you guys are into a kind of "folk" soft-rock kind of music then I suggest you guys give him a listen! 
 The concert was amazing, of course, and Sam never fails to satisfy the crowd. He even surprised everyone by bringing Discloure out to perform with him during "Latch." 

My heart seriously broke when Sam told us all to stop. I was like "WHAAAAATTTTT?!!?" But then oh my goodness Disclosure came out with him like "WHAAAAT"
Oh and shoutout to the tallest guy in the universe for being seated in front of me. Like only me. like why. Still enjoyed the concert nonetheless!
Some Polaroids of my boyfriend and I on the train back to Long Island.
We look like a couple back in the 80s.

The next couple days were kind of a blurr because we were on such a Sam Smith high lol. But over the course of the next couple days we went to one of the best Italian restaurants ever, Cafe Amici! They just have the most amazing dishes and for cheap! I wish they had one in Nashville because only being able to eat there when I go to New York is such a letdown.

 Then came along Sunday and we celebrated my boyfriend's birthday! We had Chinese food for dinner and this chocolate mousse cake that his mom picked out. I thought it was super sweet that my name was on the cake too! My birthday was in December but because I wasn't in New York for my birthday his mom still wanted to celebrate it, even if it was a month late lol. Better late than never!
And then sadly Monday came along and I had to go back home and get ready for spring semester. It was cute when we were at the airport though cause we saw another long distance saying goodbye to each other. But yeah, here's just a creeper picture of me creeping on the bae while he was knocked out haha.

I miss you soo much babe! Hope you had a great birthday!

With love,

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  1. this whole trip looks amazing and im so jealous you got to see sam smith! i bet it was an amazing experience! id love it if youd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/2015/02/a-beautiful-spa-day-with-holland-and.html xx


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