January Favorites 2015

February 5, 2015

Hi guys! So January just ended and I have a few new and old products that I've really been enjoying lately and I wanted to share it with all of you!

A lot of these products I've bought over time but have been using a lot more as of late. And this post is in no way of flaunting anything I have or implying that I am "well-off" than other people. I purchased all of these products with my own money, which I earned by working. 

The first product has been my holy grail of products. It is the Mask Of Magnaminty face mask my Lush Cosmestics and is actually one of the first items I've ever bought from Lush. I'll be honest though, I didn't intend on buying this product at first because I was looking for the Cosmetic Catastrophe Mask, but since the Lush I went to didn't have it, I decided to give this mask a try because I've heard a lot of other people raving about it. And let me just say I am so glad I got this mask. When applied it feels so minty and when washed off my skin feels super duper smooth and feels a lot cleaner too! Also a big plus is that it smells AMAZING. I seriously could not stop smelling this when I first bought it. 
And what's really great about this mask is that you can also use it on your body! You gotta love versatility lol
This mask is great for anyone really, it helps with acne, dryness and really cleanses your skin. So I will definitely be purchasing this mask in the near future, because as you can see, I am almost out >___< 

Speaking of dryness, my skin has been the driest it's ever been this winter and this lotion has been the cure to my dry and ashy skin. (And yes, Asian people do get ashy) If you're looking for a simple, scentless and affordable lotion but still gets the job done, I would recommend this lotion for sure! 
And to keep my lips nice and hydrated I've been using Nivea's Olive Oil & Lemon chapstick. I've used the other Nivea chapsticks like the honey & lemon, the blue one and the white one (forgot what they were called) but the Olive Oil & Lemon one has got to be my favorite one so far. It's not too sticky or slippery. And I feel like this actually moisturizes my lips.

One makeup product that I am so happy I purchased has definitely got to be the "Bye Bye Redness" Neutralizing Correcting Cream. I heard about this when I was watching one of Weylie's videos and she kept talking about this product and being someone who suffers from mild redness in the face, I decided to give it a shot. I am completely blown away with how well this works. It doesn't feel heavy when applied and matches my skin tone perfectly. I use this everyday and on days where I don't feel like putting on my complete foundation routine. And what I also love about this product is that a little goes a long way. I can use up to a dime size on my face and it covers up the redness easily and effortlessly. I was kind of skeptical about buying this at first because I believe it's priced at about $32 at Ulta and for such a tiny jar, I felt it was kind of overpriced. However, after using it for the past month, I don't regret buying it whatsoever! Even though the jar is fairly small (0.37 fl. oz.) this will probably last me the rest of the year so $32 is actually not that much if you think about how long it's actually going to last you. And that's coming from a person that will probably be using this every day.
  And speaking of foundation, the foundation that I've been using for this past month is the Urban Decay's Naked Skin Foundation in shade "3.0". And what I really like about this foundation is that it really does match my skin color. I admit, what made me decide on picking this shade is because they had a picture of an Asian woman next to this shade name. So just kind of assuming that most Asian people have similar skin tones, I got this one. So glad I did because I did not want to waste money ($39) on a foundation only for it not to match my skin. I love that it comes with a pump because it makes The formula is easy to buff onto the skin and has fairly decent coverage without feeling heavy or being cakey-looking. The only downside would be that it's kind of runny even for a liquid foundation.
 And along with my Urban Decay Foundation I also got the Urban Decay Naked Flushed palette. What I really like about this palette is the highlight. I've never used a highlighter before but with this being my first one, I'm still fairly impressed with how much it brightens up my face. I'm not completely in love with the bronzer color, because it kind of looks weird when I use it to contour my nose but when contouring the rest of my face, it does a decent job. I really like the blush as well! I don't use blush on a regular basis but when I feel like giving my cheeks a little more color without being "too in your face" then this is definitely a good shade. I also really like the packaging because it's very sturdy-feeling and very simplistic. So if you're looking for a good contour/highlight/blush palette I would definitely get this. It can be used for both casual  everyday makeup to night-time going-out makeup.

A nail polish shade that I've really been loving is this "Dusty Pink" nail polish I got at Forever 21 for $2.80. Although it does take a few coats when applying, the end result is super duper cute and would be perfect for Valentine's Day! Even though it's called "Dusty Pink" I feel it should be renamed "Barbie" pink because when I first applied this to my nails I automatically thought of Barbie. The polish tends to chip after the first couple hours of wear but for the prize I feel it's not all that bad. The color is still super cute, even if it makes my hands kind of look like a five-year-old's hand.
And last but not least a body mist that I've been using a lot lately is Victoria's Secret "Noir Tease." And before purchasing the travel size bottle I usually used Victoria's Secret "Pure Seduction" but I felt that I should start wearing a more mature scent. I still love Pure Seduction but Noir Tease has both a feminine yet mature scent. I seriously could not stop smelling this when I first bought it because it just smells soooooo good.

And a song favorite for January is T-Swift's "Blank Space." I am without a doubt in love with her 1989 album and I am absolutely guilty for turning up the volume and singing very off-key to this song whenever it comes on the radio.

And that is it for my January favorites! I will see you guys in the next blog post which will be my trip to New York and some gift idea for Valentine's Day!

With love,


  1. oooh i bet that lush mask is amazing, also your nails are gorgeous! id love it if youd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/2015/02/a-beautiful-spa-day-with-holland-and.html xx

    1. The lush mask is great! Smells absolutely amazing and makes my skin super smooth :) Definitely would recommend it, especially if you've never tried anything from Lush before, this would be a great mask to start with :)


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