February 26, 2015

Hi guys! So February is just about over and although February is a rather short month a lot has happened during this month and maybe because I was stuck in the house for about a week (due to a snow storm dilema) this month went by rather slow for me. But anywho I am back with some monthly favorites for you all! A lot of these items I have previously mentioned in other posts and they have worked their way into my "favorites list."

Okay so to begin with probably THE most favorite all-time product that I am sooooo happy I got is the Tatcha cleansing oil. I am seriously in love with this product and I can see this product always being in my nightly routine for years to come. It just effortlessly takes off all my makeup and leaves my skin feeling so soft and firm. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an amazing makeup remover and it will definitely also make for a good Mother's Day gift! Or a great gift for anyone at that! And for the price I say it's all the well worth it because your skin is something you should seriously invest in and take care of and for $50 it is more than worth it. So 10/10 would recommend this to anyone and everyone!

Along with the Tatcha Cleansing Oil on busier, stressful days where I feel my skin needs a little bit more of TLC I like to use the Lush 9 to 5 Cleanser after I use the cleansing oil. The cleanser leaves my skin feeling super soft and smooth without stripping it of any oils or dehydrating it. The product doesn't have a strong, noticeable smell to it or anything and I usually just use about a dime size of the product and it's enough to cover my whole face. So when I use the two items together I feel they work well together without any "conflicting elements" or working powers, for the lack of a better word(s).

Another Lush product that I fell in love with is the Enchanted Eye Cream. Now I know a lot of other people have had mixed feelings about this product but I feel for me, personally, it works really well. I feel like the area under my eye doesn't feel so thin or translucent and it really softens up but firms the eye area. I use it both during the day and at night and a little goes a long way so I know that definitely whenever this product runs out I'll be repurchasing it. 

Moving on to night cream, if you read in my previous haul post, you guys would know that I also got the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hydra-Firm Sleeping Cream. And you guys would also know that I wasn't loving this product very much when I was first using it because it left this "film" on top of my skin and I felt like it wasn't absorbing into my skin whatsoever. HOWEVER, after using it nightly my skin has started to absorb the product more and I no longer have that film-feeling sitting on top of my skin. And actually I've noticed quite a difference in the firmness and softness in my skin when I wake up in the morning. After having using this product for about 2-3 weeks now I've noticed that my skin is a lot firmer, looks a lot smoother and is definitely a lot softer. So now I can see what the hype is all about when it comes to this product. As for age prevention/anti wrinkle not necessarily sure I see in difference, like I said my skin does feel a lot more firm so I want to say it does do a good job with getting the skin to look a lot healthier but I can't really say much about wrinkles. (Mostly because I don't really have crazy noticeable wrinkles or anything) But overall I really like this product I'll probably be repurchasing this in the future whenever I run out and I am a lot happier with this product now than compared to when I first got it.

Next on my list is Hask Argan Oil, and first off I just want to say this is my first experience using argan oil and I didn't choose this product based off the branding or anything like that. But with this oil it's mainly used for your hair and I got this at Walmart for about $2 and this bottle lasted me about a good month. I am just about out of the product and I'll probably be repurchasing this same bottle again once it's completely out because it's so cheap, but even though it's cheap it does a good job with hydrating my hair and mending my split ends. Now it's not a miracle worker or anything, but I find it works best when you apply it to wet hair. My hair feels noticeably softer and looks shinier once my hair dries after I apply this after washing my hair. So I would definitely recommend this to people who needs a quick fix for their dry hair and split ends.

Now I know you guys are probably wondering "What the heck is that?" I'm not really sure what the technical name for this tool is but it's basically a tool you use for blackheads and whiteheads. And I really like using the "rounder" (?) end which is meant for whiteheads cause I find that it really does extract your whiteheads out especially around your nose area. But a fair warning to those who have never used this tool before, but when you use this around your nose area for the first time you will probably end up in tears because it hurts soooo much. I don't know maybe it was just me and the area around my nose being super sensitive but regardless of how much pressure or how light of a hand I used when using this around my nose, it just hurt so bad. The other "flatter" end which is for blackheads, I never really used because I feel maybe I don't have any blackheads and so I never really felt a need to use that end. But I mainly use this to extract my whiteheads and it does a fairly good job doing so and it only cost me about $1.50 at Walmart.

Now for a tea or teas that I have been enjoying, I have really enjoyed drinking this tea from the brand Yogi  and I'm pretty sure they're available at any grocery store that sells organic foods or anything similar. What I really like about the two teas I got, which were the Honey Lavender to help with relaxation and the Echinacea for immune support, is that they taste really really good. Usually the teas I've drank in the past just have a plain "Whatever" taste to it, but these have a genuine and tasty taste to them. I forgot how much these were but I wanna say about $3-4 each.

And now onto these bad boys that I got from H&M <3 I know some people are probably intimidated of such high heels but these boots are so easy to walk in and so comfortable! I managed to do about 3 hours of walking around two malls in these without any problem! I think it really helps how the bottom of the shoes are "grooved" or "cleated" the way they are because then it provides more friction and grip to the floor which makes it less slippery when walking. Of course it took me a minute to get used to walking in them because these are probably the tallest shoes I own. But I am absolutely in love with them and plan on wearing them out a lot more. 

And for the song I've really been enjoying this month it's Trevor Wesley's "Chivalry is Dead" which was featured in Ian Eastwood and Megan Batoon's Choreography "Chivalry Is Dead" which is also a favorite video for the month. You guys all know how much I love Ian Eastwood and whenever he comes out with a new video he just never disappoints <3

But that is it for this month's favorites! Not sure when the next post will be coming out but I'll be sure to keep you guys up to date with what's going on in my life for all you creepers and for all those who are actually interested. If you want to be more in contact with me check me out on my other social media like Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Snapchat @ Katsangfroid

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