Back To School! Basic Necessities to Help Ensure a Smoother Semester.

February 3, 2015

So for most of you guys out there school has probably already been in session or just started. But I know that none of us are excited about going back to school, especially for those who live in the colder areas of the world. Just the thought of waking up early and having to get out of a nice and warm bed to go to an early morning class is no bueno in anyone's book. But we're all responsible students/adults and can't always have things our way. But to help make things easier on yourself, it's always good to be prepared!

And here are some staple items ( unintended school supply pun?) that I feel are key to having a smoother school year. Most school require different supplies and not everything I list will apply to everyone but they are just some basic materials that I feel most students need and that I personally could not do without when in school.

The first thing I definitely feel necessary to have when in school is a quality and durable backpack. I've never been the type of girl to carry a purse on campus just because I feel a backpack can carry so much more and is more convenient. The one I have is by Dakine and my aunt gave it to me so I'm not really sure where you can purchase one of these backpacks but I'm sure you can find it online or at any store that carries backpacks.

What I really like about this backpack is the teal color and that it comes with a slot meant for a laptop. I don't usually carry my laptop to school because I prefer to handwrite my notes and also because my laptop is pretty ancient and heavy. But if I were to carry my laptop on campus it's nice to have a designated pocket for my laptop. I also like the multiple pockets and compartments in this backpack. I can fit so many things in my backpack without it getting lost. I also like the straps because they fit snug onto my shoulders instead of digging into them. I do admit I kind of wish it came in a pink color just to keep the pink theme going, but overall I still like the backpack.

The second most important item I feel all students should have, especially for those who prefer handwriting things, is a planner. The planner I got is from Target and it's super cute! I love the pink font and polka dots all throughout the planner. I use both a calendar on my computer and in my planner just because it helps me become a lot more organized.

 Along with a planner it would be good to have a notebook with lots of paper (to take notes), cute pens, a highlighter(s), a stapler, and white out! The notebook I have was a little pricey for a notebook ($12 from Staples) but I especially like this Five Star Notebook because it's reusable, due to it's binder rings and it also comes with pocket folders and clear folders to keep your more important papers neat and clean. 

The pens I prefer to write with are the Pilot pens which are renowned for writing effortlessly and smoothly. Also you have to make sure you have some whiteout handy for when you make some mistakes because that's what college/school is about right? Making mistakes but learning from them. But then you'll also need a highlighter, not just to help highlight your greatest successes but also some key terms or main points while reading! And also a mini sized stapler (with extra staples) because your teachers or classmates won't always have a stapler with them and you don't want to end up losing all your papers! 

Other miscellaneous items I like to have with me is a water bottle! Walking around campus can be very dehydrating, especially on hotter days. So to ensure that I don't pass out or to quench my thirst, I make sure to always have a water bottle with me. The one I have was just a cheap 94 cent one I got from Walmart. Nothing too fancy, but it gets the job done.

I also like to carry around some toiletries like tampons, panty liners, and a couple pads. Because you never know when your period is going to suddenly decide to sneak up on you! Or maybe a friend or classmate might need one and you can be the one to save their day by always having a couple of these items handy. I also like to carry a travel size perfume and lotion with me. And I'll be straight up honest with you guys, sometimes you have those days where you just stank up the bathroom and you don't wanna walk into class with all that following you, so it's always good to be able to spritz yourself before class to mask all that stank. Or if you have a PE class and you worked up a stank-worthy sweat but don't have enough time to take a quick shower, having a travel size perfume or body mist always comes to the rescue. The one I have and absolutely love is the Noir Tease travel size from Victoria's Secret and they are $10. And with lotion, there are just those days, especially in the winter, where you hands shrivel up from being so dry. So to save yourself from any uncomfortable dry skin, it's good to have a travel size lotion handy (haha get it?).  The lotion I am currently using is this one from Olay that I got for free when I purchased one of their razors and its' just a random one that I've been using. Nothing really big about it, it gets the job done and doesn't have a strong scent to it either. Also being on campus increases your chances of exposure to germs and illness, so I always make sure to have some hand sanitzer in my bag, and I would suggest getting one of these sanitizer keychain thingys because you can just loop it on your keyring or onto one of your backpack zippers and have easy access to some sanitation whenever you feel it's needed! The sanitizer I got was for free when there was this "Freshman welcoming" event going on on campus.

I also make sure to have an extra phone charger in my bag because we have all been guilty of using our phones in class and sometimes that leads to our phones dying on us before we get home. So to save yourself from being kidnapped because you couldn't call anyone because your phone died from using your phone too much in lecture, it's always good to have a phone charger on you. I also carry a pair of headphones with me. Even though I prefer not to listen to music while I do homework or study, there are just those times where someone is being extra loud in the library and you just want to tune them out, with some tunes!

So there you have it! Basic necessities that I feel are key to having with you during the school year! Everything is pretty inexpensive and will come in handy anytime during the year. These are pretty much my basic survival tools that get me through the semester and without them I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be doing so well. So good luck to everyone who's currently in school, I hope the semester isn't too rough on you guys because before you know it it's going to be over and we're all going to be sleep deprived! Just kidding. But best of luck to everyone out there and I hope this helps you guys get a little more organized for school! 

With love, 


  1. Gosh - this is like the typical struggle for every college student out there! This is helpful considering how lazy I am when I prepare each semester and I always come to class ... Well ... Offhand :p haha


    1. LOL i used to have the same problem! But after getting my butt kicked so many times from being unprepared I finally decided I should probably change my ways

      Hope you're having a good semester so far! ^___^


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