Kat goes to California (again) [LOTS OF PICTURES]

January 24, 2015

Yes, I am blessing you guys with two posts in one night, and possibly even a third post if I decide whether or not to go to bed. Anyway! As you all may or may not know, I went to California for the holidays! I spent about a week there and to be honest I did not really do all that much, I just spent time with family, drank mimosas, and ate a lot of food. The flight on the way there was terrible. Literally took us about 10+ hours just to finally get to Sacramento. So much layover times and we also had a late flight. But we persevered and made it through. 

And to start things off, look at the Christmas tree my grandma had at her house. Of course, a typical Asian Christmas tree which is where we substitute an actual tree with a plastic coconut tree haha

Also here is a family picture! And also a collage of the highlight of the photo heh heh eh 

The main event was going to "Global Winter Wonderland" which was being held in Sacramento for the first time, I was told. If you don't know what Global Winter Wonderland is, it's basically kind of like a carnival but with a bunch of amazing lights and decorations. 

And just in case anyone is wondering I used a Canon T1i DSLR Camera when taking most of these photos. 

I really enjoyed seeing all the lights and structures of all the well-known landmarks of different countries. 

So we all got back to my aunts house, which is where all of my relatives and I were staying that night, and my mom went upstairs to go take a shower. Mind you that the only other person upstairs was my grandpa, meaning my little brother and I were downstairs. As soon as my mom comes down from the shower, I go and take one. However, when I come downstairs I hear my mom and aunts talking about hearing a voice and whatnot. Turns out that while my mom was taking a shower she heard a child say to her, "Good night, Mommy." But of course she assumed that the voice was of either me or my little brother, so naturally she responded and asked, "Did you brush your teeth yet?!" but no reply. And remember, the whole time my mom was in the shower, both my little brother and I were downstairs. And a little background about my grandpa, he's basically an OG Monk/Exorcist expert/ ghost expert/ thug and he basically said that a lost ghost child followed my mom home and that is who's voice she heard. Because the voice she heard was of a little girl, and well....even though my little brother still has yet to hit puberty, he doesn't call our mom "Mommy" and me..well, I was downstairs the whole time. And so then my grandpa said that with children ghosts that are lost they tend to follow mothers home that are caring, loving and that are basically good mothers. But like I said, my grandpa is a thug so he got the spirit to leave the house and blessed everyone. But knowing how I am with all this paranormal stuff, I could not sleep at all that night and was, of course, thinking way too much about paranormal things and spirits and etc. 

Overall, that's basically what happened. 

Moving along to food I ate. OF COURSE I had to get some Boiling Crab. The wait to be seated was too long so we got carry-out. And I couldn't NOT go and get some taro milk tea from Bambu~ 

And you can't go to Boiling Crab and not tag something. :) 

On the last day of our stay we celebrated my little cousin Pete's 8th birthday! 
Although California is somewhere I love to visit, I couldn't wait to get home and sleep in my own bed lol. 

Until next time California! Maybe when it's a lot warmer and ticket prices go down a bit. 

With love,

Up next will be my recent trip to New York and a Back To School related post :)

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