Happy 21st to me! (Late Post)

January 24, 2015

I know I haven't been doing a good job with posting lately, and I apologize! I've been traveling a lot and just got done with my first week of spring semester and I just have not made any time or put any effort into my blog >___< But I've had a really bad day today and I felt that writing and blogging about a good time and moment of my life would somewhat help me get over this horrendous day. And thank you to everyone who helped me celebrate and wished me a happy birthday! I love you all soooo so much! <3

So to start things off, Anthony (my loving boyfriend) came to visit me ^____^ and one of the first things we did was get something to eat (no surprise there). We went to this place called P.S Noodle Pot, not only because Anthony has been craving their food for the longest but also because it was my brother's birthday that day and I wanted to get him a big order of fried rice because it's his favorite food.

We both ordered dishes with tofu in them. I got the tofu pad thai and Anthony got the tofu low mein. And let me just tell you that if you're looking for authentic and delicious Thai food for cheap, I would definitely recommend you guys go here. 

On my actual birthday day we got up super early because we were on a mission to find The Grilled Cheeserie Truck.
And it took us a little while, but we found it! And I probably had THE best hot chocolate I have ever had in my 21 years of living, which was perfect because it was super cold and windy that day. 

We were really determined to find The Grilled Cheeserie Truck because this was the last week they were going to be in service until they went on vacation! The next time they'll be serving again won't be until February. So of course we had to satisfy our craving for grilled cheese and get our hands on some of the most delicious grilled cheeses known to mankind. 

Later that night, Anthony and I had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory! And he says that that was probably the most delicious meal he's ever had. 
We started off with avocado eggrolls, and omg I seriously would have just ordered twenty more plates of that stuff because it was probably the most heavenly thing I have ever tasted in my life. 
Oh and shoutout to our waitress Nicki for decorating my plate and singing "Happy birthday" to me! 
Also I had my first legal alcoholic beverage that night and it was called the "Spicy Pineapple Margarita" and my goodness was it strong. I barely took a couple sips and I could taste nothing but the tequila lol. I had to make Anthony finish it for me because even though I'm 21, my tolerance for alcohol still needs some work lol

Which contradicts what happened later-later that night, where my friend, Ariele, was kind enough to host a little get together for me! 

She made me these cute ice cream macarons, and don't be fooled by how they look, because they were the bomb dot com. I regret getting too drunk to the point that I forgot all about them and didn't finish them :(

And also lots of love to these lovely people! I totally regret not taking as many pictures as I wanted! But thanks for showing up and taking care of me. I don't remember getting home or leaving or even saying bye to anyone. And sorry to Ariele for not helping clean up or anything ;( Hope everyone had fun though :)

I was trying to go for a "Drinking Game Night" type of party, but eventually I just took shots with every single person that showed up and completely forgot about the games. lol

The next day called for some recovery/hangover food aka IHOP. The hot chocolate was sooo good. Not as good as The Grilled Cheeseries, but still super duper good.

We also went to our favorite pizza joint in Nashville, which is a place called "Five Points Pizza." And aside from the ridiculously delicious pizza, I probably more than just fell in love with their garlic dinner rolls. They were so addicting and I probably would have ordered 5 more plates of these.

Aside from the good food,my friends probably gave me the best gift/birthday surprise ever! I was beyond surprised and ecstatic about seeing my room being filled with balloons! Especially balloons in my favorite colors hehehe. The pictures do not do any justice for how cool they looked at night or how they looked in general but I cannot stress enough how much I loved this and I seriously had the balloons in my room for a good month and a half before they all started to stick together and pop randomly in the middle of the night.

My favorite balloons were the ones that lit up and were in a tie-dye pattern, not to mentions the ones that said " U Suck" on them lol. I love my friends so much haha

And of course I had to do a mini photo shoot in them with my man ;) I believe this picture deserves the award for "Cutest Couple/ Picture" of the year.

Again lots of love too everyone who wished me a happy birthday and helped me celebrate turning 21! It was definitely a birthday to remember and probably actually one of the best birthdays I've had so far!

And I know I have seriously been slacking on posting but I will try my best to blog regularly although I started school again and work every weekend; I'm gonna try my best to not let those excuses keep me from writing! 

With love, 

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