ZeroUV Review

December 13, 2014

Sorry for being a bit MIA lately. It's been finals week and also I lost the charger to my camera battery for about 2 weeks so I haven't been able to take any pictures to do reviews or anything. But I am back and I am super excited to be doing this review because I am beyond happy with my recent purchases from ZeroUV. And if you haven't heard of ZeroUV they are based in Orange County California and sell quality glasses for a fairly reasonable price. They have tons of different styles to choose from and the best part, aside from all the cute styles they offer, is that shipping is super duper fast and there's always free shipping and free returns! So if you end up not liking a pair (which probably won't happen because their glasses are amazing) you can send them back for free!

I ordered my frames on Black Friday and received them in the mail the following Monday. So shipping of super fast and I ordered a total of 3 frames and they came in a rectangular box that fit them all nice and snug. 
As you can see the frames were perfectly fine and packaged in individual plastic bags. 
 Also in the box was one glasses bag? I'm not really sure the official/technical name for it, but it's just a little silk bag to put your glasses in to protect them. 
Their business card and a paper with your order information also comes in the box. 
 The three pairs I ordered were (From the bottom up)

These frames are pretty good quality when comparing it to regular glasses you could buy at other retailers. The actual frame/wiring feels sturdy rather than plastic-like and fragile. 

Out of the three my favorite has to be the 8714 frames or as I like to call them the "Harry Potter" frames. I get compliments on them all the time and ever since I started wearing them a ton of people have been asking me where I got them. 

The other frames have gotten compliments as well, which was actually kind of surprising to me because I felt as if they looked just like any other regular/common pair of glasses. 

So I bought these on Black Friday when they were offering 40% off your whole order, so I got all three for about $16. I would say that's more than a good deal! Also when you sign up with their newsletter, you get a 25% off code for your first order! 

Overall I am very satisfied with these lenses, although sometimes the half-clear frames kind of lay crooked on my face and it's probably just because my nose bridge is kind of wonky in a way. But I also realized that if I wear these frames for a long period of time, say about 6+ hours, they start to give me a headache probably because of the lens' pressure against my nose. So I would say out of the 3 they were my least favorite. Still a great pair though! My nose probably just isn't all that cooperative...or straight lol. 

So if you are looking for a site that sells sunglasses and clear frames for a fairly reasonable price (most aren't priced any higher than $15 USD) then ZeroUV is definitely a website to check out. Aside from the cheaper prices, the shipping is super fast and free! And if you don't even up liking a pair, you are free to send it back without any fees or charges, of course you have to pay to ship it back though.

I am extremely happy with my new glasses and I am already thinking of which pairs I'm going to buy next.

My ZeroUV collection is slowly starting to grow~

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