Birthday/Christmas List

December 1, 2014

1. (Any) Pink Arpakasso Plush
One |  Two | Three
Price range varies

2. The Sims 4
Price: $60-$70

3. Kurt Cobain Painting
Price: $70

4. Surface Pro 3
Price: $800- $1000

5. Sony NEX - 5TL
Price: $400-$700

Puppycat Squishable

My ideal birthday/Christmas wishlist. 
I do plan on just getting majority of the electronic items myself, after I work my butt off and save up of course. 
But I guess as I get older I want less, but then my taste gets more expensive lol.

What's on your guy's Christmas lists?!
Let me know in the comments below.
Or if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or just wanna wish a girl a "Happy Early Birthday!!!" do so in the comments below!
And happy early holidays to you all!

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  1. Agreed about wanting less when I get older, usually if I want something I just buy it. But my taste is more expensive like you said too.

    Kate Spade handbag giveaway on the blog right now, come check it out.

    xx, Jodi


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