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November 7, 2014

I was freaking out when I finally got this dress in the mail. Shipping took less than a week and I got it on sale for only $26! The color was perfect, the fabric was perfect, however overall I am unsatisfied with this dress. The dress is a size small but fits like a large, the dress was literally hanging off of me. Also the side of the dress is cut-out which I did not expect because the picture on the website did not distinguish that feature of the dress. I mean the title of the dress says "backless" but the back is fully covered, but the sides are fully exposed.

I am totally bummed out because the dress was absolutely perfect in color and design, aside from the side cutout. And I'll be honest, I might just not fit the dress because I have no boobs and a slightly nonexistent ass (I am 5'2" and 108 pounds) but the major reason why I am unsatisfied with the dress is because of the side cutout. Also I've heard from other bloggers about buying from Sheinside and  a lot of them would say that that sizing is weird for other items as well, so it's really risky when buying items on here because sizing is off sometimes. 

Overall, I'm not trying to say that other people shouldn't buy from Sheinside, this was honestly my first time buying from them and shipping was fast, the prices are reasonable, but the product just wasn't what I expected, and that's just a personal opinion and issue and has nothing to do with the service of the company. 

If you want to purchase this dress you can order it --> here 

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions please leave them down below! Also I would like to hear about your experience with Sheinside and or any tips when buying from them!

With love,
Kat Sangfroid


  1. agreed about the side slit, the dress was so cute until the side slit, too bad they didn't describe that. I have bought skirts from them that I have liked a lot but I recently bought something else and wasn't too happy with the final product and the sizing was a little too small with that too, where the skirts fit fine.
    xx, Jodi

    1. I know! I'm so bummed out about the dress :(
      I'm glad the skirts worked out for you though :)
      And at least the items are refundable and exchangeable lol


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