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November 22, 2014

I've seriously become addicted to shopping on the Sephora website. I just can't help it sometimes, okay? I've been slowly adding things to my cart items in hopes of one day actually getting them. And so to help me cope with my unhealthy obsession with Sephora and their various makeup and skin products, I decided to put together a post of items on my "Sephora Wishlist."

total for everything: $582

And of course I don't plan on splurging that much all at once, it would be nice if I had the capability to. But of course I plan on saving up and eventually trying out a few of these products in the future. And of course there are also some of the products that I could live without. In fact, I'm living without them right now and I seem to be doing alright. But I am a firm believer in treating yourself every now and then so maybe getting a few of these goodies for myself every now and then wouldn't hurt.

What's on your Sephora/Makeup/Skin Care Wishlist? Let me know down below, I would really be interested in hearing about different products to try and whatnot.

With love,

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