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November 5, 2014

It's been raining all day today and although rainy weather isn't my ideal kind of weather, I actually found a sense of enjoyment in today's weather. Something about the downpour made me feel calm and somewhat happy. And nothing else makes me happier than music that matches the weather! Now that T-mobile allows it's users to use Pandora without having to use data, I've been using my Pandora app in car a lot more. One station that I've been really enjoying is the FTSE station. 

1. FTSE - Tidal Wave Ft. Saint Saviour
I'm not sure what FTSE stands for, when I looked them up it brought me to a British provider for stock market. So I'm guessing this group is still pretty underground, at least in America, or where I live. I've listened to a few of FTSE's other songs and I'm really liking the group. Other songs I like by them are So Much Shine and Float
If you want to check em out, you can go to their soundcloud --> here 

2. Pascaal - Drowning in You
Never heard of Pascaal prior to this song, but I'm probably going to look more into their music and see what else I can find. But so far I'm liking what I hear. 

3. Aluna George - Outlines (Original)
I heard the Zagor Remix of this song first, and personally I do like both versions but I would say this original won me over. I already have this song on repeat and I predict by this time tomorrow I'll already be sick of the song. 

So if it's raining where you are,  give these songs a listen and maybe it'll help you enjoy your rainy day even more! Or if it doesn't really rain where you are, go ahead and listen to these songs anyway! 

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