"Pug Run" and I Reunited

November 3, 2014

Just recently I redownloaded a game, which I don't remember why I deleted the app in the first place, called "Pug Run." And it is the most absolute cutest pug game ever! And I'm probably just saying that because I am a certified pug enthusiast. (Just kidding. but I really do adore pugs)
The game is just your classic running-collecting-coins-trying-not-to-die type of game

This video gives you a short intro to what the gameplay looks like and the basic story line of why and what the pug is running to and for.

Basically, Bogart (the main pug) is in a pet shop and a little boy sees him from outside the window. The two are obviously meant to be, but the boy's mom hurries him away. The boy goes home and doodles images of him and the pug and leading him to imaging the pug running to him, hence what the pug is running to.

However, the journey Bogart takes to get to his potential owner isn't going to be an easy one, with obstacles like Dee The Cat and cherry bushes and avoiding getting sucked into the "void,"  it's in the game player's hands whether or not Bogart will get to the little boy or not.

The game starts off with Bogart on a blank canvas and the background then slowly forming. Behind him is a white "void" that he potentially is running away from and if caught into the void, the game ends. 

The game play is pretty simple. You tap the screen to run, slide up to jump and slide down to slide or roll. The red meter at the left-bottom corner, when full, can initiate Bogart to run faster. The more full the meter is and the faster you tap the screen, the quicker Bogart will run. 
Also there are pencils throughout the course that give you power ups. There are only two I have unlocked so far and they are the magnet and balloon power ups. The Magnet simply just attracts all the coins to Bogart and the Balloon helps Bogart float up to higher coins or to reach higher parts of the course.
And this is the screen that will display when you die or get caught by the void. It displays your distance ran and coins collected and a cute picture of the boy and Bogart together :)

 Also if you play every day you get a chance of winning more prizes with the "Daily Giveaway."
You simply have to match cards and each time you do, you get coin prizes. I'm not sure if you win anything if you match everything all together, but so far all I've gotten were coins.
 And in the "Pet Shop" you can upgrade or purchase other power ups
 Or buy other costumes!

Overall this is my favorite game app I have on my phone. Not only because it has a pug in it but because it's easy to play, not too addictive but gives me something to do when I'm waiting or find myself in an awkward situation and feel the need to look at my phone in order to save me. Also my little brother likes playing it too! And he's pretty good at it, not as good as me though. So it's also pretty kid-friendly as well. 

You can download the app for free in the App Store

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored or affiliated with TicToc Games in any way nor was I paid for this post.

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