Long Overdue: Trip to New York!

November 15, 2014

Recently just took a short mini-trip to New York to see my boyfriend. I spent roughly about five to six days there, and I swear I have never eaten so good in my life. EVER. I am craving so much Italian foods right now, I just can't focus right now. The part of New York I visited was Long Island and it was extremely nice to get away and refreshing to be in a new place. And of course the very first thing we did was get some pizza. We were absolutely starving by the time I landed.

We went to a place called Pizzaoila! And there is a reason why New York is known for their pizza because the pizza was incredibly delicious. I don't know what it is, but regardless of how many times I ate pizza during my stay in New York, but I just never got tired of it. I'm salivating just thinking about it and all the other foods I ate. And if you can't already tell, my boyfriend and I love to eat, I probably don't have such a big appetite as him, but we are crazy food lovers.

The one restaurant that I absolutely cannot wait to go back to was Cafe Amicci. I swear it was like Heaven on Earth. The portion sizes were crazy and the prices were ridiculously affordable. It was like the Italian Cheesecake Factory. But instead of Cheesecake they had pizzas. I am seriously salivating from thinking about the food. My boyfriend ordered the baked ziti and I ordered fried raviolis. SO GOOD. 

We also went over to the Hamptons and walked on the beach. I know. So romance, so romance. It was fuh-reeeeezing though! My teeth were chattering and my body was shivering. Wish I would've packed a thicker coat because it was actually a really nice beach and really relaxing. 

Although I only got to stay for a short period of time, I really needed this mini vacation away from home and just all the stress from work and school. And it was reeeeeaaally good seeing my boyfriend again face-to-face. 

So until next time babe! See you in December :)

With a bunch of love <3
Kat Sangfroid


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