How Kat Get's Over A Bad Day

November 10, 2014

I really am not kidding when I say I am 200% over and done with today. I admit, things could've been a lot worse than it was and there were some good things that came out of today, for instance, I got a new job, my car didn't get towed like I thought it would, and I made it home safely after driving in rush hour traffic with rude and grumpy drivers. Overall, today was not the best days I've had but by far has been one of the worst of this year. I don't really want to get into detail about everything but today just made me think about how exactly do I and other people cope with having a bad day? I know people have different methods of dealing with bad days and not everything works for everyone but I feel once you really learn more about your own self and you deal with certain situations then turning a bad day into a "tolerable" day is a lot easier.

Some things I usually do when I'm stressing out, feeling like a failure at life or things just aren't going right are pretty basic ideas and tasks but they work for me and might work for you. If not, then at least now you know what would NOT work for you lol

1. Just let it all out

  • Usually when I'm under a lot of stress or really overwhelmed I get pretty emotional. I start crying for no apparent reason and it just does not stop. ( I sucks) I get really frustrated or pissed off at myself, but making sure I let all of that out right then and there really does help. Because I know if I hold all that emotion inside, it's just going to be following me all throughout the day and it's just gonna make everything worse than it really is. So cry, scream, punch (not people or animals) vent, rant, just let it all out. When you let everything out, your mind will be clear and maybe that bad incident won't seem all that bad afterwards
2. Look on the brighter side
  • Yes, this sounds annoying and cliche but you really got to look on the upside of things. For instance, today I got a parking ticket and thank goodness I only got a parking ticket that was $40 aside from my car being towed and me having to pay $100 something dollars. So once you really think about it, $40 is not so bad compared to $100. There's always a good and bad to a situation so just try to look at the good that came out of it, even if it seems kind of difficult at the time.
3. Listen to your favorite song/ Watch your favorite movie
  • Just listening to my favorite song or watching a movie i really never grow tired of usually makes my day one hundred times better. Just because those things put me in a certain mood that I just can't be upset or mad. And of course "Harry Potter" just puts everyone in a good mood right? All 8 movies...even if a portion of all the main characters that you grow emotionally attached to die...still good movies. . . 
4. Set aside your responsibilities for a bit
  • I know this is hard, especially for college students who also have to work to pay for books and tuition and you're so close to graduating but there just doesn't seem to be any end to the madness! But trust me, taking breaks and making time into your busy schedule for yourself will help you in the long run. Stressing out about how you're stressing out isn't going to help any so just prioritize, and always make sure you're always your number one priority. I'm always guilty of putting myself last (or so I am told) and just trying to get so many things done at once before a certain due date or deadline and I just overwork myself. But I'm still working on it, but I found that just having a day to myself really makes getting back to work a lot less stressful. 
5. Take a nice, long, hot shower/bath
  • I absolutely looooooove taking hot showers and getting clean. I'm weird, I know. But something about the hot water relaxing your muscles and just the warmth of the water feels great and calms me down. Bath bombs from Lush are always fun too. Nothing like pretty water and smelling good to make your day better. 
6. Take a nap
  • Believe it or not but sometimes you really just wake up on the wrong side of the bed, so why not take a nap and wake up on the other side? Sometimes you just don't get enough sleep and it puts you in a bad mood, so take a quick 15-30 minute nap and wake up feeling more refreshed and willing to be productive. 
7. At least you didn't die

Not to sound morbid or dramatic, but at the end of the day I'm just thankful that I am alive and well, that aside from all the shitty things that went on during the day, I am home and I am safe. I have people that care about me and people I love. 

8. Realize that it's not the end of the world
  • So this also ties back into looking into the brighter side of things. Yes, today might have been a really bad day, but tomorrow is going to be a fresh start and you just gotta leave the things that happened today in the past and move on. You may be emotionally or mentally (maybe physically) damaged from what happened but as long as your mind is in the right place, you're gonna be alright. Everyone is going to have their bad days but bad days are literally just there for you to appreciate the good days. You learn from them and in the long run you'll be thankful for them

So yeah. I hope this post was fairly entertaining or resourceful to you all out there that probably stopped reading midway. 
If you guys have any questions, comments, suggestions or want to simply just say "Hellooo" do so in the comments below and I will see you guys again very very soon.

With Love,
Kat Sangfroid

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