Fashion Inspiration: Deni-nspiration

November 21, 2014

I've really been digging the whole 90s trend nowadays and although I've never really enjoyed anything denim, I'm slowly creeping in denim pieces in my closet. And here are just a couple pictures I found on tumblr (sorry couldn't find original sources because I've had these saved on my computer for a while) and thought I'd put together a post of Den-inspiration. 

What I really love about denim is that it's very grungy and can vary in shades. I usually go for the subtle, light blue denim because for some reason it just looks more appealing to me. I used to own a dark, blue denim jacket when I was younger and it just, in my opinion, looked all kinds of crazy weird. 

Overall, I'm still trying to find a way to slowly and subtly include more denim in my wardrobe. I just like how, like the leather jacket, there's something about wearing a denim jacket or outerwear piece that toughens up the look. 

And of course we should all know what a badass I am heh heh heh. Just you wait until I find the perfect boyfriend,denim jacket, it'll be like Puppycat wanting his own leather jacket to emphasis not only his coolness and toughness on the inside but the outside too. 


What do you guys think of the denim fad? Denim or naw? Cool or naw? Should I stop talking now or naw? Leave comments, questions and expression of love for denim in the comments below. Also if you want to yell at me for not sourcing your picture please contact me via email at so I can kindly source your picture and or take it down. 

With love,
Kat Sangfroid


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