Brandymelville Wishlist

November 25, 2014

2. Annette Top $23
5. Alena Dress $28

Never owned or bought anything from Brandy Melville before, due to the fact that there is no Brandy Melville within 100 miles from me but here are a few pieces I quickly fell in love with when browsing their website. I used to think that Brandy Melville was kind of overpriced but looking over the price, I feel they're pretty fair. 
I have been to a Brandy Melville store once when I was in the OC in California. I didn't really find anything that I liked at the time, not to mention I was basically broke back in the day. 

I really like the clothing from Brandy Melville because it's super simplistic but still cute. My style is very basic and minimal with some slight edge and I feel Brandy Melville's clothing is exactly that. I can't wait to save up and finally fill my closet with their clothing, I think it's about time I break away from a closet solely full of Forever 21 items (no offense to F21, I still love their stuff). 

The pieces that I absolutely would love to get would be the Boyfriend Denim Jacket, Ilianna Bralette, New York Tie-Dye Shirt, and the "But First Coffee" T-shirt. 
I have been searching for the perfect denim jacket and I think I've found it. Usually when I shop for denim jackets, they're either too boxy or too big, but hopefully that won't be the case with this jacket (if I ever get it, that is). And the Ilianna Bralette is what I've been looking for forever! I just like the criss-cross detail in the front and it would add a lot a cuteness to low-cut tanks. 
And I don't know what it is about tie-dye but it's really hard to find a pastel tie-dye shirt that doesn't look tacky and of course I gotta represent New York for the boo~<3
And although the shirt is very simplistic, "Ok, But first coffee" is just something I need to have via on a t-shirt saying. 

With love,

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