25 Random Facts About Me

November 17, 2014

1.I am a House Gryffindor

2.I hate wearing pants

3.My favorite color is pink
4.My favorite fruit is pineapple
5.My favorite starch is the potato
6.My favorite food is pizza or ice cream
7.I am a Nutrition and Dietetics major
8.I spent my freshman year of college in California
9. I've never been outside of the States
10.I am in a long distance relationship
11.My favorite Pokemon is Snorlax
12.I pronounced the word "tutorial" incorrectly for the first 14 years of my life
13. I have also apparently been saying the past tense version of the word "squeeze" wrong
14.I refuse to say "squeezed" any other way regardless of how much people keep correcting me
15.I don't like seafood
16.The only time I will ever eat seafood is at the Boiling Crab
17. I have an alpaca plush named Paco
18. My earlobes are uneven
19. I like making people laugh
20.I like to think I'm pretty funny
21. I love watching the Food Network channel
22. I usually think about life and get into some really deep thinking when I'm doing the dishes
23. I worship/fan girl over  Dave Franco and Ian Eastwood like they are Gods
24.I'm quiet when you first meet me, but once you get me to start talking, I won't stop
25.My mom told me I ate a quarter when I was younger (heh..get it? Quarter? 25....)
26. Bonus fact: I make very lame puns

And I hope you enjoyed this post and learning a little bit more about me. If you have any questions, comments or wanna know how exactly do I say the word "squeezed" wrong, leave it down below in the comment box.
Or if you pronounce words in a weird way, leave that down below too! Cause I don't wanna be the only weird one out there that can't seem to pronounce simple words correctly.

With love,

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