Sam Smith: In The Lonely Hour Concert

October 7, 2014

Just got back from a total starstruck-life-goal-setting-bucket-list-check-off-ing-what-are-the-chances concert of the heavenly voice that is Sam mother f***ing Smith. Now let me just say that the chances of actually going to this concert FOR FREE were so slim. Prior to the week of the concert I had no idea Sam Smith was coming performing, nonetheless even going to be in the same town breathing the same air as me. But it all started when my friend Ariele and I carpooled to school the other day. The only album we had to listen to was Sam Smith's "In The Lonely Hour" and coming back from school and heading home, I was getting a bit tired of listening to the album (sorry Sam, I still love you though) so I decided to turn on the radio. And not to mention on the way back we were stuck in traffic for about 3-4 hours. But maybe that traffic was a sign from the Heavens saying "YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS SHIT" because next thing you know, 106.7 was giving away tickets to the sold out Sam Smith concert! And I don't know what it is with Ariele's luck and contests, but she has a tendency to be chosen to win every single drawing she enters. And when I say every drawing/raffle/contest etc., I mean EVERY single one of them. Well...98% of the time I like to believe. But anywho, so seeing as to how my phone was dead I entered the contest using Ariele's phone because in my mind and with my logic, using her phone would increase the chances of us winning. So being stuck in traffic and not even remotely close to home, I texted the crap out of the radio station in hopes of winning. And I shit you not, the very next day Ariele got a phone call from the radio station saying we won the tickets! Like seriously?! I am not academically advanced in math nonetheless probability, but the chances of us winning was just insane! So even to this day I am still feeling the initial shock of actually winning the contest and seeing Sam Smith perform live.
I didn't get any good pictures as to not being allowed to bring any cameras with disposable lenses and whatnot, and also due to only having an iPhone 4 and it being not the best quality out there here's a picture my cousin took. We were sitting in the way back of the top balcony so it was kind of a hassle trying to see him when you're only 5 foot 2 and everyone in front of you is about 6 foot something lol

The concert over all was more than I could ever wanted. I love Sam so much and his voice live is just as heavenly as it is on his album. I would definitely see him live again in concert, not to mention his opening act The Broods.

Of course I couldn't leave the concert without a souvenir! I bought an autographed poster of Sam's face and a Tshirt for my boyfriend and for Ariele.
Again shout out to Ariele for giving the tickets to me and my cousin Leslie.
BEST early birthday gift everrrr

Still in shock. Can't believe I was in the same room as Sam. And I'm pretty sure my wallet is crying from how much I spent at the concert, but no regrets. I have to find a frame to hang Sam up. Can't wait for him to come back, if he is coming back. I will definitely be seeing him in concert again.

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