Pinky Paradise: EOS Candy Pink Review

October 21, 2014

Recently, Pinky Paradise was having a promotion for free shipping on all orders and being a bargain hunter, I took advantage of the deal. I ordered the EOS Candy in Pink and I never owned any pink lenses because I usually go for lenses that are a more "natural" color, like grey, brown and sometimes blue. So ordering a pair of pink lenses was kind of out of my "norm". But I've always wanted pink lenses and my favorite color is pink so I decided why not? And shipping was free so it was a win-win situation. 

So I ordered my lenses on September 19 and I received my lenses on October 14th. The package was sent to me through Global Mail, usually Pinky Paradise ships through FedEx, but I think I just wasn't paying attention when checking out and picked Global Mail shipping. I'm pretty sure if I picked the regular FedEx shipping, the lenses would've came to me a lot sooner. 
Anywho, the lenses come in glass vials like this along with a free contact case. 

This is what the lenses look like from the front of the lens and the back of the lens. There's a distinct difference between what the front and back look like so it won't be confusing trying to figure out whether or not your lenses were inside out when putting them on in the morning. 

It is recommended that you soak your lenses overnight before wearing them. Usually putting them on right after taking them out of the vials would lead my eyes to feel uncomfortable and the lenses would usually sting my eyes. This is usually due to the solution that the lenses are in while in the vials, I'm not completely sure if the solution inside the vials are any different from regular contact solution, but it's better safe than sorry so I would highly recommend to be patient and just let your lenses soak :)

So this is what the lenses look like with no flash and flash in fluorescent lighting .
The color is very opaque and obviously the lenses are not very natural looking.

Comfort:  3/5 
I've worn EOS Candy Lenses before in Grey and Brown and both were extremely comfortable to the point that I would sometimes forget I even had the lenses on. But for some reason these get very drying throughout the day and after 8 hours I start feeling a little discomfort from them. When I first put them in I was concerned that I may have gotten a defected left lens because it was just soooo uncomfortable to wear. However, it's been about a week since I've been wearing them and so far the lenses haven't given me that trouble. Although a little drying from time to time, EOS has always been my go-to brand for comfort and I can still go throughout my day wearing these lenses for 8 hours or so. 

Enlargement:  5/5
The lenses are 14.5 mm in diameter and are very enlarging. However, they're not like freakishly enlarging to where I look like an alien. The black ring around the lens, to me personally, makes the lens look a lot smaller than they actually are. However, I don't buy my lenses for enlargement but more for color. 

Color: 5/5
I love the color! It's the perfect pastel-y opaque pink. It looks great in photos and in real life. I get a lot of compliments from people whenever I wear them. And of course the pink color doesn't make it look natural in color.

Design: 5/5
The design is super simple and clean. Not too in your face which is usually what I go for and the way the pink gradually blends into your eyes is what I love about the Candy Series the most.

Overall: ♡ 4/5
Aside from the occasional discomfort and dryness, I absolutely love these lenses! I've always wanted pink lenses and I am very happy with these being my first pair of pink lenses 

Price: $22.90
Brand: EOS
Series: Candy 
Size: 14.5 mm in diameter
Base Curve: 8.8 mm
Life Span: 1 Year disposable 
Purchased from: Pinky Paradise
Link to the lens ---> here

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