♡ Sandwich & Ice Cream Date ♡

July 13, 2014

I was absolutely dreading going to work today. But luck was on my side and my shift got cut! I know, that's kind of actually a bad thing that I wasn't getting any hours today, but I made the most of my unplanned day off!

I literally spent the whole day with my boyfriend. We spent the morning watching our usual back-to-back episodes of "Supernatural" and then from there we felt the need to get out the house. The weather was nice but I don't know why I decided to wear leggings. 
And us being the fat-asses that we are, we decided to go out to eat! Only thing was we didn't know where. 
My boyfriend's been craving Chipotle and pancakes for the longest, but something about going to Chipotle just didn't feel right. And I also wasn't quite in the mood for breakfast food, especially since it was about 1 in the afternoon haha. 
And then I came up with the great plan to go to Mitchell's Delicatseen! I absolutely loveloveloveeeee this place. THE best sandwiches I have ever experienced in my life. My all-time favorite has to be the Turkey Apple Brie ♡ 

My boyfriend ordered the BBQ Asian Tofu sandwich and of course I had to go with the Turkey Apple. I was so scared that he wasn't going to like any of the sandwiches or that he wouldn't really have anything to choose from because he's a vegetarian. But of course, he loved his sandwich because, like I said, Mitchell's sandwiches are the absolute best. I am seriously craving another sandwich as I type. Ugh. So much deliciousness. 
We saw some cute pups just chilling outside 🐶

After Mitchell's we went to Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream which was right down the road. And I tagged our initials on the chalkboard hehe

He basically fell in love with all the food we ate today. Look at how happy he is haha

So after our bellies were filled we decided to head back to his place. We washed his car and decided we should reward ourselves by going to the lake. But that failed because we got kicked out because we just walked in and apparently there's a walk in fee. So before we even got to the water, which we were literally basically right there at the beach, the security dude on his golf cart came and asked us to leave. It really did suck because it was hella hot outside and we went through all that trouble only to be told there was a walk-in fee. And us not ever having cash on us, couldn't pay because apparently they don't take card. 

So with that almost ruining our day we went to Kroger and got ourselves some beer and drank and watched Food Network until we passed out lol

Did I mention that Fall Out Boy was also in town today? They were literally breathing the same air as me and I couldn't go to their concert because I didn't have enough money for tickets :( 

Regardless, I still spent a really good day with the boo thang :) 

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